Building a Defense For DUI Drug Charges in Norfolk

Due to the severity with which DUI drug cases are treated in Norfolk, it is important that if you are facing DUID charges you consult with a Norfolk DUI drug lawyer to assist in building your defense. Below is information on potential defenses that can be used in drug DUI cases and how these defenses are typically treated by prosecutors and judges.

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Can Involuntary Intoxication Be Used As a Defense?

Involuntary intoxication can be used as a defense in certain cases, however it depends on the specific facts as to whether it will be successful or not. If someone can persuasively convince a judge that they had no idea that they were intoxicated and that they didn’t have any reason to believe they couldn’t operate a motor vehicle, then they would be in a much better place than someone who is so clearly impaired before taking the wheel that it doesn’t matter whether they put themselves in that situation on purpose or not.

In most cases this is not a viable defense, especially when people try to argue that they had too much to drink but believed they were fine when it was clear that they shouldn’t have been driving.

What If You Didn’t Know The Effect Of Something You Were Taking?

This again can potentially be a defense however in this case you have to prove a lot. You would have to show that not only did you not know the drug was going to impair you, but also that when it did impair you that you weren’t aware you were being impaired. This can be very difficult to prove.

Why Is It Important To Contact a Norfolk DUID Lawyer When Building a Defense?

If you are charged with a drug DUI in Norfolk it is important you have an experienced attorney because drug DUI cases can be very complicated, especially compared to regular DUI cases. Due to the complexity it is going to be really hard for someone to defend themselves, or for an attorney without DUID experience or with experience only in another jurisdiction who may not be familiar with the protocols and process of a DUI drug arrest.

For this reason, it is important that if charged with a drug DUI in Norfolk that you consult a lawyer in Norfolk who is familiar with these types of cases and can therefore find the weakness in the prosecutions case.