Chesapeake Criminal Lawyer

Our Chesapeake criminal lawyers represent individuals who have been charged with various criminal offenses throughout the region. Regardless of the particular charge involved, our attorneys can work with you to assess the situation and formulate a strong defense plan. Whether you are local to the Chesapeake area, or you were just visiting or passing through, if you are facing a criminal charge, a Chesapeake criminal lawyer at our firm is prepared to help.

How a Chesapeake Criminal Lawyer Can Help You

Everyone charged with a crime in Virginia has rights, and it is important that your rights are protected. A Chesapeake criminal attorney will conduct a full assessment and investigation of your case, gathering all the relevant evidence and information relating to your arrest. We will determine if your rights were violated during your arrest (including the right to remain silent, the right to an attorney, and the right against illegal searches). If they were, certain evidence against you may be inadmissible, which can have a major impact on your case.

Criminal Lawyer in Cheasapeake VirginiaFor any crime in Virginia, there are various elements that the prosecution must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, and if any one of those elements fails, the prosecution cannot secure a conviction. As you develop your legal strategy, it is important that you know what those factors are and what evidence the prosecution plans to use in proving each element. That is exactly the service that a Chesapeake criminal lawyer can provide you. We analyze these factors and the prosecution’s evidence with the goal of undermining the prosecution’s case as much as possible, which strengthens your chances of acquittal or a reduction in charges.

After a full legal analysis of your case, we can negotiate a settlement or plea deal, or in some cases, even get charges reduced or dropped, or negotiate for reduced penalties. It all depends on the particular facts and circumstances of your case. Get your individual case assessment from one of our experienced Chesapeake criminal attorneys today.

Criminal Charges in Virginia

Crimes in Virginia are broken down by category in various chapters of the criminal code, which include:

This list includes some of the most common crimes that our Chesapeake criminal lawyers handle regularly for clients; however, it is not exhaustive. The Virginia criminal code is extensive, so there are a variety of ways that an individual can be charged with a crime. Regardless of the charge you are facing, make sure you have the help of an experienced Chesapeake criminal attorney to help you respond to your charge.

Penalties for Various Crimes

Penalties for crimes committed in the Chesapeake area vary greatly depending upon the classification of the crime. Generally, a conviction of a misdemeanor crime can result in a fine up to $2,500, or even jail time if the misdemeanor is Class 1 or Class 2. VA Code 18.2-11. Felony convictions, which range from Class 1 to Class 6, are much more serious with harsher penalties, including hefty fines and even imprisonment VA Code 18.2-10. For certain crimes, enhanced penalties may apply to individuals who have prior offenses, or for crimes committed under special circumstances (for example, crimes involving police officers or children). A Chesapeake criminal attorney will ensure that you understand the full scope of your charges and all possible penalties.

Secure a Chesapeake Criminal Lawyer Today

Facing criminal charges is a stressful situation, and a conviction on your record can have adverse consequences that may affect your future. Regardless of the particular charge involved, we work to minimize the impact that this situation will have on your life. A Chesapeake criminal lawyer can help you to identify goals, to fully develop your defense strategy, and to prepare a comprehensive plan of approach. Take the first step today and get your free consultation.