Newport News Criminal Lawyer

If you have been charged with a crime, a Newport News criminal lawyer can help. Having an advocate by your side throughout the court process can serve as some measure of comfort during this difficult time in your life.

Being charged with a crime in Virginia can be a truly difficult experience. You may be overwhelmed with questions about the legal process, concerns about having a criminal record, worries over how the charges might impact your career aspirations, educational opportunities and reputation in your community, in addition to the stress of wondering whether you will be struck with jail time or costly fines.

How Can a Newport News Criminal Lawyer Help?

Criminal Lawyer in Newport NewsYour Newport News criminal attorney can begin mounting a strong defense on your behalf from the moment you are charged with a crime, and in some cases, as soon as you become aware of allegations against you, even if you have not yet been charged.

Having a criminal attorney can be beneficial from the very beginning of your case, since your Newport News criminal lawyer can advise you on speaking with police investigators, and how to avoid saying or doing something to inadvertently harm your case.  Your Newport News criminal attorney can also launch his or her own investigation into the facts in your case, and the sooner he or she is able to begin speaking with witnesses, gathering records, and begin preparing your defense, the better.

Your lawyer can also take steps to try to ensure that evidence in your case is preserved and properly handled and maintained. In many cases, evidence that is not processed or handled correctly can become contaminated or unreliable, and can lose its evidentiary potential. You will want any exculpatory evidence that could prove your innocence to be preserved. If your attorney discovers that any evidence against you was mishandled, faulty or cross-contaminated, your Newport News criminal lawyer can ask the court not to admit the evidence.

What Types of Cases Do Newport News Criminal Lawyers Handle?

Theft and Larceny

Theft crimes are by far the most common types of offenses in Virginia and encompass numerous different crimes, including misdemeanor and felony thefts, depending on the circumstances of the crime and the value amount of the property taken. Virginia’s Uniform Crime Reporting program reported $54,628,352 in property loss in 2012 , stemming from 193, 906 theft crimes. These thefts included 140,786 larceny or shoplifting offenses, 28,759 burglaries, 8,846 vehicle thefts, and other theft offenses, such as robbery, counterfeiting and forgery, embezzlement, and stolen property crimes.

Driving Under the Influence and Reckless Driving

With Virginia’s busy highways and heavily policed tourist areas, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is another common cause for obtaining a Newport News criminal lawyer. There were 28,895 arrests in Virginia for driving under the influence in 2012.

Reckless driving, on the other hand, is a group of serious driving offenses that can also result in automatic jail time – up to a year – and as much as a $2,500 fine for a first offense.  Those convicted of reckless driving could also have their driving privileges suspended for up to six months.

Assault and Battery

Assaults are another leading cause of arrests in Virginia. In 2012, there were 9,148 aggravated assaults and 96,976 simple assaults in the Commonwealth. If you were involved in an assault, it is wise to consult an experienced Newport News criminal lawyer as soon as possible, regardless of whether the alleged victim claims he suffered serious injuries or not.

Other Common Criminal Charges

Consulting With an Experienced Newport News Criminal Lawyer

It is important to remember that not everyone arrested or charged with a crime is found guilty of that offense. Ultimately, the number of convictions is much lower than the total number of arrests. Consulting a Newport News criminal lawyer is the first step you can take toward working to clear your name.

No matter what type of crime you have been charged with and however big or small the offense may seem, you can benefit from the counsel of an experienced Newport News criminal attorney who can advise you throughout the legal process and present a strong defense on your behalf.