Chesapeake Armed Robbery Lawyer

Armed robbery is a robbery committed while armed with a deadly weapon. The elements of an armed robbery charge would be the taking of property belonging to another by force or threat of force while armed with a deadly weapon.

A person should contact a criminal lawyer as soon as they are charged or believe they are about to be charged with a crime. The sooner one contacts an attorney, the quicker that attorney will be able to get to work on that client’s case. A criminal defense attorney will gather any video recordings of the alleged incident, witness or police interviews, and any lab reports when preparing their defense strategy.

Every jurisdiction is different. A seasoned robbery attorney will know the local prosecutors, the local judges, and local programs and customs that may lead to a lighter sentence or at least saved the accused from greater hardships than necessary.

Knowledge of the law is the most important asset of a criminal defense lawyer. One cannot use all available options if they do not know what options exist. A criminal lawyer should be diligent. Everything a criminal defense attorney does in the course of representation should be in the best interests of their client. In robbery cases, for example, speaking with witnesses and getting a complete picture of the incident is crucial. A diligent criminal attorney gathers as much information as possible and is prepared to present that information in any related trial or hearing.

Consequences of a Conviction

Robbery is an unclassified felony. Armed robbery is one of the most serious felonies. Armed robbery requires the use or threat of violence and the presence of a deadly weapon while theft does not.  The presence of a deadly weapon makes the possibility of death or serious bodily injury more likely.

If a person is convicted, they can receive a prison sentence anywhere between five years and life. The harshest penalty a person charged with armed robbery might face is life in prison.

Preparing a Defense For Armed Robbery in Virginia Beach

The first thing a knowledgeable defense attorney will do is talk to the defendant. The defendant is the best source of information for the defense attorney. The client should tell the lawyer every fact of the case, no matter how damaging they believe the information is. The defendant should provide the attorney with the names of witnesses, the location of the alleged incident, and how the incident happened. If not, the attorney will file discovery and speak with officers and the prosecution to gather as much evidence as possible.

The prosecutor must prove the accused person took property belonging to another, by force or threat of force, while armed with a deadly weapon. If the prosecution cannot prove that there was violence or a threat of violence, or a deadly weapon was not present, then the prosecution or the judge may agree to reduce the charge to theft.

A skilled Chesapeake armed robbery attorney will know the local prosecutors, the local judges, and local programs and customs that may lead to a lighter sentence. If there is overwhelming evidence that an accused is guilty and the prosecutor is willing to agree to a sentence favorable to the accused, the attorney will likely encourage their client to take a plea deal.

Seek Help From a Chesapeake Armed Robbery Attorney

Whenever an individual is charged with a crime, it is essential to contact an attorney as soon as possible. When contacting a criminal lawyer about an armed robbery charge, a potential client should have the names of any possible witnesses and be able to give a detailed account of what happened or what may have led to charges being filed. An attorney with years of experience studying the law, applying and arguing the law, would have a great advantage for someone who is thrown into what can be a confusing and intimidating process.

An attorney can walk the client through the criminal process and describe all the moving parts in an understandable and accessible way. It is especially important to hire someone who is familiar with the local area, special rules, traditions, and programs. Call today to discuss your case and legal options with a Chesapeake armed robbery lawyer.