Hampton Prostitution Lawyer

People who are facing allegations of prostitution are likely to be scared and confused. For many, this is their first and only interaction with the criminal justice system. They may feel that the incident is due to a simple misunderstanding or that they have done nothing wrong. In reality, Virginia’s laws concerning prostitution are harsh. In addition, the law also punishes any person who profits from prostitution or who allows its commission in any way. Due to this, homeowners, motel owners, and even people who loan a car may all find themselves facing prostitution-related charges.

A Hampton prostitution lawyer may be able to help. They could work with clients to explain the applicable law, to help them come to terms with the potential consequences for a conviction, and to develop a strategy designed to protect their rights in court. If you are facing prostitution charges, it may be beneficial to speak to a seasoned criminal defense attorney to learn about your legal options.

The Core Concept of Prostitution

Virginia’s prostitution law is contained in VA Code §18.2-346A. This statute says that it is illegal for any person to exchange money or anything of value for a sexual act. This includes intercourse but also may involve any act involving a sexual organ.

It is important to realize that merely offering to perform the act in exchange for something of value is also illegal. Therefore, a defendant who offers to perform a sex act in exchange for a cell phone commits prostitution. This is a class I misdemeanor and can result in the payment of a fine, the creation of a criminal record, and a jail term of up to one year.

Other Offenses Related to Prostitution

Not only is the commission of prostitution illegal, but so too are activities that profit from the act. For example, VA Code §18.2-357 states that it is a class IV felony for any person to receive the goods or services procured by prostitution. In this way, the law punishes any person who benefits financially from prostitution. In addition, VA Code §18.2-348 prohibits any person or corporation from in any way aiding or abetting prostitution. This could include arranging a meeting, providing a location to commit the offense, or even turning a blind eye to known offenses.

The most severe allegations involving prostitution are those that encompass sex trafficking. According to VA Code §18.2-357.1, it is a class III felony to force any person to recruit another to participate in prostitution. If this recruitment is achieved through force, the penalties increase to class IV felonies. No matter the level of prostitution crime that a person faces, or even auxiliary prostitution crimes, a committed lawyer in Hampton may be able to help.

Speak with a Hampton Prostitution Attorney 

Virginia law prohibits any exchange of a sexual favor for money or property. While the statute does punish the people who actually make the exchange, far greater penalties could apply following a conviction for any recruitment of a person into prostitution. In any event, a conviction carries a potential jail sentence, the payment of heavy fines, and the creation of a criminal record.

A Hampton prostitution lawyer could help to prevent this from happening. In the case of simple prostitution, a lawyer could dispute the idea that there was an agreed to exchange of property. Disputing allegations of trafficking or aiding in prostitution could include discrediting witnesses and challenging any warrants for legality. Contact an attorney today to see how they could help you.