Hampton Sex Crimes Lawyer

Virginia laws treat sex crimes as extremely serious offenses, and upon conviction, offenders are looking at high penalties that could include jail time. Convicted sex offenders may also have to register online for the sex offender registry and have their picture – along with their name and address – posted online.

If you have been charged with a sex offense, you need a skilled defense attorney in your corner during every stage of your case. A Hampton sex crimes lawyer can make sure that your legal rights remain protected while you are pending trial and can assist you during every phase of your criminal proceedings.

Categories of Hampton Sex Offenses

Hampton considers many different behaviors sex offenses. Common sex crimes in Hampton include the following:

  • Rape – a felony charge which involves sexual intercourse with another person without that person’s consent
  • Sexual battery – a Class One misdemeanor that involves sexual abuse where the offender uses threats, force, or intimidation against the alleged victim
  • Carnal knowledge – a felony or misdemeanor offense where an adult, without the use of force, engages in sexual behavior with a 13, 14, or 15-year old
  • Indecent liberties – a felony offense where the accused exposes their genitals to a minor or suggests sexual acts to a minor
  • Child sexual abuse – a felony offense where the accused engages in sexual acts with children
  • Sexual penetration with an object a felony offense where the accused uses an object to penetrate the alleged victim

A Hampton sex crimes attorney could represent individuals charged with committing any of these sex offenses.

Possible Defenses Against Sex Crimes Charges

At a criminal trial that involves a sex offense, the accused individual has an opportunity to argue a defense in court. A Hampton sex crimes attorney could use a complete defense as a means of exonerating the accused and pursuing a dismissal of the charge – along with the criminal case as a whole. Potential legal defenses vary, depending upon the exact charge and circumstances.

When it comes to legal defenses in criminal sex crime cases, the accused could argue that the alleged victim provided consent to the sexual act in question. However, this defense does not work if the alleged victim is a minor.

The accused could also argue that they did not have any reason to believe that a minor was underage at the time of the alleged sexual offense. This defense could be successful in cases where, prior to the incident, the alleged victim uses fake identification to enter a bar or club, and the accused assumes that the alleged victim is of age.

Finally, the accused could argue that the alleged victim misidentified them and that they were not the person who took part in the incident. A skilled sex crimes lawyer in Hampton can review the circumstances which led to the sex crime charge and assist the accused with developing a good defense to the pending charge.

How a Hampton Sex Crimes Attorney Can Help

Sex crime convictions can lead to high penalties, job losses, and ruined reputations. Once you have been found guilty or convicted of a sex crime, it can be extremely difficult to live your life in the same way as you did before your charge.

A Hampton sex crimes lawyer can help you minimize the penalties associated with a sex crime charge or conviction by providing you with zealous, result-oriented legal representation throughout your criminal case.