Hampton General District and Circuit Courts

Hampton General District Court

Courthouse Tips

  • Arrive early
  • Don’t Chew Gum
  • Dress professionally
  • Address Judge properly

The Hampton General District Court is located at 236 North King Street right off of E. Pembroke Avenue. This court is the lowest level trial court in Hampton, Va. meaning it hears traffic cases such as speeding tickets and reckless driving charges in addition to all misdemeanor cases and preliminary hearings for felony cases. The General District Court also hears civil cases involving monetary value of up to $25,000.

It is very easy to find your way around the Hampton General District and Circuit Courthouses.There are signs all over both Courthouses for people to use to navigate around the buildings. Stairs and elevators are located in both Hampton General District and Hampton Circuit Courthouses for use by patrons.

Hampton Circuit Court

The Hampton Circuit Courthouse building is located just a few blocks from the General District Court at 101 King’s Way Mall. This court is the court of general jurisdiction and hears a variety of civil and criminal cases. The Circuit courthouse all the courtrooms are located on the second floor and the clerk’s office is located on the first floor.

The types of cases heard in the Circuit Court include felonies and misdemeanors appeals from the General District Court and all civil cases involving monetary value of over $25,000 and some civil cases involving money from $4,000 to $25,000. In this courthouse a jury is used.

Parking and Eating Options

Information on the Hampton General District and Circuit CourthouseParking options near the Hampton General District and Circuit Courthouse buildings include free parking at the Settlers Landing Parking Garage, located at 555 Settlers Landing Rd.Hampton, VA 23669. This parking garage is approximately .05 miles and a 10-15 minute walk to the Courthouse buildings. There is plenty of free street parking all around and in front of the Hampton General District and Circuit Courthouses.

The Hampton courthouses are located in old downtown Hampton, and there are a few restaurants within easy walking distance of both courthouses. Goody’s Deli and Pub is located on 11 East Queens Way, Conch & Bucket Restaurant is located at 13 E Queens Way Hampton, VA 23669, and The Grey Goose is located at 101 W Queens Way Hampton, VA 23669. These are just a few of the many places to eat within easy walking distance of the Hampton Courthouses.

Cell Phones and Other Prohibited Items

Cell phones are not allowed inside the Hampton General District or the Hampton Circuit Courthouse buildings. There are large signs when you enter the courthouse buildings saying no cell phones and the Sheriff deputies at the security checkpoint will ask you specifically if you have a cell phone on you or in any bags you bring into the courthouse. Please do not attempt to bring in cell phones as the Sheriff deputies will make you take the phone back to your car.

In addition to cell phones, no electronic devices of any kind including pagers, laptops, ipads, ipods, etc. can be brought into the Hampton General District and Circuit Courthouses. No weapons of any kind are allowed into the courthouse buildings.

The Hampton General District and Circuit Courthouse buildings do not allow for lockers or any type of storage facilities for people entering the courthouses.

Courthouse Attire

Proper attire for Hampton General District and Circuit Courthouses include a suit if possible, if not then dress slacks and a dress shirt is a close second, jeans will be allowed as long as they are not sagging and a belt is worn to keep them in place. No tank tops or t-shirts, no shirts with offensive language or pictures will be allowed into the courthouses. Flip flops are not allowed in the Hampton Courthouse buildings. No short dresses should be worn.

I recommend getting to court at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled hearing time to make sure you can speak with your attorney and go over any last minute questions you may have. This extra time will also ensure you can get through security lines in case of a long line.

Other Tips

Please do not chew gum or eat food in the Hampton General District and Circuit courthouses. Sheriff Deputies will ask you to leave the building if you attempt to bring food into the courthouse. Chewing gum may get you removed from the courtroom by a bailiff and the Judge may stop the proceedings and address you directly if you are caught chewing gum or eating in the courtroom.

The most common mistake I see in Hampton Courthouses are wardrobe choices that are inappropriate with offensive language on it, chewing gum or hard candy is another one I see many times. The other is not addressing the Judge properly such as saying yes sir, nor sir, or calling him your Honor.

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