Building a Defense For Reckless Driving Cases in Hampton

Due to the serious consequences that accompany a reckless driving conviction in Virginia, it is important you consult with a Hampton reckless driving lawyer if accused. Read on to learn about the advantages of hiring local legal counsel, and call today to schedule a free consultation and discuss the specifics of your case.

What Are Some Potential Defenses For Reckless Driving in Hampton?

      “Clients choose to work with me in Hampton reckless driving cases because we are familiar with what strategies tend to get good results in the local courts. We can tell clients honestly what the likely outcome is going to be and the different options we can explore.”

For speeding related reckless driving charges, a law enforcement officer must prove that the equipment the officer was using to determine the defendant’s speed was reliable and had been calibrated properly for the day of the incident within a particular time frame.

To prove this, the law enforcement officer needs to have an original certificate with very specific information listed on it. If he does not demonstrate this in court, a good defense attorney can move to have the case dismissed because of it.

Another defense that is available is when the defendant calibrates his own vehicle’s speedometer, and then discovers that the speedometer was inaccurate to the point that the speed the driver believed to be going was a safe speed when in fact it was not. This can result in a reduced charge related to the faulty equipment instead of a criminal conviction. To use a defense that argues a person was speeding because their speedometer was incorrect, it is necessary to have a speedometer calibration done on the vehicle.

Advantages of Local Counsel With Experience in Hampton, Virginia

The advantage of having local counsel in Hampton is that the attorney will know various judges that handle reckless driving charges regularly and will have a good idea of what judge will or won’t do what under any given scenarios.

This allows the attorney to decide the defense presented based on the particular judge’s personality and tends to result in better overall results for each case. Each court has its own rules and customs that aren’t necessarily written anywhere but are rather learned through experience in court. Having someone who is familiar with how the courts operate is helpful to ensure that you don’t do anything to further hurt your case and to ensure that you obtain the best possible result.

3 Things We Offer To Clients in Hampton Reckless Driving Cases

First, we have an office right there in Hampton so we offer clients an easy commute to come in if they need to. Many lawyers in Virginia Beach also work with reckless driving cases in Hampton which would require an hour of commute for some people if they live in Hampton.

Second, we offer them a variety of things that they can do for themselves to help their own case which many clients find comforting since they are not just sitting there doing nothing to help themselves. It is important for both of us to work hard behind the scenes in order to get the best results in court.

Lastly, we offer clients peace of mind by candidly telling them all of the possibilities. We think it’s easier to deal with stressful issues with all the possibilities out in the open.