Hampton Demerit Point System

The Uniform Demerit Point System in Hampton is used to assess demerit points issued due to driving behavior. The Department of Motor Vehicles assigns values to each specific offense so that each offense is worth a point value that remains for 2 years, each offense remains on someone’s driving record for differing lengths of time depending on the seriousness. In order minimize the amount of demerit points and the associated penalties it is important those accused consult with Hampton reckless driving lawyer to discuss their case and begin building a defense.

Consequences of Demerit Points

If a driver racks up too many demerit points, their driver’s license may be suspended. The Department of Motor Vehicles defines too many points as 18 within 1 year or 24 within 2 years. Drivers can earn one positive point back for every year of good driving behavior. Another option is that they can take a driver improvement class voluntarily for 5 positive points. This can be done every 2 years as long as the court hasn’t ordered a driver improvement class during that time.

New convictions can cause a driver’s insurance rates to go up, usually for 3 years. Anytime that the Department of Motor Vehicles is made aware of new convictions, they notify the driver’s insurance so that the rate hike is automatic. Every state has its own demerit point system so Virginia does not include points for infractions in other jurisdictions, nor does the Virginia point system apply to out of state drivers.

Challenging Demerit Points in Hampton

Drivers in Hampton Virginia cannot challenge the demerit points assessed on their license. They can receive positive points back through one year of positive driving behavior, which means no new convictions, or they can take a driver improvement class which will give them 5 positive points.

What Can an Attorney Do?

If demerit points jeopardize your driving privileges and ultimately lead to having your license suspended, a Hampton traffic attorney can help you petition the court to obtain a restricted driver’s license. A restricted driver’s license allows you to drive to and from work; to and from school; to and from medical appointments; and to and from religious services. Sometimes the judge will allow people with restricted licenses to drive to other places too, based on their particular circumstances, such as a need for child care services. This can at least give you your driving privileges back to the extent that is necessary to continue to live your life uninterrupted.

Out of State Drivers and Demerit Points

Out of state drivers with a traffic ticket in Virginia can also benefit from a Virginia lawyer’s help. It is possible for an attorney to appear in place of somebody out of state so that the defendant doesn’t have to come back to Virginia to appear for the ticket in court. This way, the defendant has someone fighting for them to have their ticket reduced or dismissed, but they don’t have to spend time and money to come back to Virginia in order contest the ticket themselves. If an out of state driver does not hire a Virginia attorney their other option is to just prepay the fine, which is equivalent to pleading guilty and accepting the consequences that are imposed by the judge.  This could mean a number of additional consequences depending on the situation. The help of a Virginia reckless driving lawyer can provide the best opportunity to win and avoid those consequences.