Driving Classes in Hampton Reckless Driving Cases

If you have been charged with reckless driving in Hampton or elsewhere in Virginia, a driving class may be of benefit to you. In situations where someone has a fairly clean record and this is one of the first times that they’re up for reckless driving and they’ve taken this driving class for the first time, it can be persuasive to a judge to have the charge reduced to speeding. With this in mind, the following is information on driving classes and how they can impact your case. To learn more about driving classes, or find out what else you can do to help your case before trial, call and schedule a consultation with a Hampton reckless driving lawyer today.

Driving Class Basic Information

These driving lessons are available in Hampton and the DMV website has a list of all of the available clinics in the area that do offer the course. The classes are not expensive, and most are cheaper than $50.

Generally, the classes are 8 hours long and then there’s a final exam. The defendant has the options to take the class in-person which would be 8 hours in a row and then the final exam at the testing site, or defendants can take the class online and split up the 8 hours however they want and then go to a testing site to the final exam in person.

How a Driving Class Can Help Your Case

Taking a driving class can show the judge that you’re serious about trying to prevent future driving incidences. Additionally, it can demonstrate that someone accused of reckless driving is being proactive in trying to improve their driving. Sometimes judges will reduce a reckless driving charge if the driver takes the class beforehand.

With that said if you have a bad driving record already a driving course may not help you as much in court and other steps may need to be taken. As a result, it is imperative you call a reckless driving lawyer as they will be able to advise you of what steps to take leading into trial and what cases may be able to assist you.

Driving Classes For Out of State Residents

If you’re taking a driving class before court, it’s not a court order driving class. Therefore it doesn’t matter where you take it because the idea is not to accommodate whatever the court has required you to do, but it’s to show your dedication to improving your driving. The difference for taking it in a different state versus taking it in Hampton, Virginia is that you’re not going to get driving points back on your license in Virginia.  However in terms of showing the court how serious you are taking your charge taking a driving class out of state should be just as effective.