Speed Traps in Hampton, Virginia

A speed trap is an area of the road that law enforcement officers monitor specifically for speeders and speed limit violations. They tend to be placed in areas where the officer is hidden from view and where speeding is more common. When people are talking about speed traps, they’re talking generally about hidden police officers trying to catch speeders, which is completely legal.

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Types of Speed Traps

There are a number of different types of speed traps. The most common type is where officers wait in areas where the speed limit drops waiting for drivers who don’t lower their speed in time, however a speed trap can also take place at the bottom of a hill or on a long stretch of highway where there aren’t any curves or anything to slow drivers down.

Speed Limit Rules

The speed limit officially changes at the point that the sign is posted. Because drivers can see the sign before they reach it, they should have ample time to adjust their speed before they reach the sign. In situations where the speed drops excessively so, there are usually signs warning that there will be a reduction in speed up ahead. So, typically there’s no excuse that someone who isn’t slowing down before they reach the sign.

Do You Have To Slow Down As Soon As You Pass The Sign?

No, you have to slow down before you pass the sign because the speed limit changes at the point of the sign. If you wait until you have passed the sign to slow down then you are technically speeding and can be pulled over.

Purpose of Speed Traps

Sometimes speed traps are posted in areas where there has been a lot of incidences cause by speeding. If there are a lot of accidents in a particular area due to excessive speed, then a lot of times officers will choose those areas to put speed traps in to prevent these accidents from happening.

Other times, there are speed traps in areas where there’s really no explanation for speed traps except that the road’s speed limit seems to be a little bit lower than necessary so people naturally speed there regardless of whether there are accidents or not. So, it’s arguable that maybe they are to extract revenue but may be not in every situation.

Can Getting Caught in a Speed Trap Impact Your Case?

No, because they’re legal in Virginia, there is no benefit to stating in court that you are caught in a speed trap and that’s the reason that you were issued.