Car Following a Hampton Roads DUI

What happens to a person’s car if they are arrested and charged with a DUI depends on that person’s circumstances. If another person is able to drive the car for them, they will be given the opportunity to do that. Otherwise, the car following a Hampton Roads DUI will be towed and impounded. If the car is at someone’s home or in a place where it does not need to be towed, it may be left where it is. For more information about what happens to your car following a Hampton Roads DUI and how an attorney could assist with getting your vehicle back, contact a seasoned DUI attorney.

Getting Vehicle Back From a Tow Lot After DUI

To retrieve a car from a tow lot, the individual needs to bring identification and a method of paying the tow charge. The police may give them a document about where their vehicle is being held, which will make it easier for the tow lot to locate the car. The person trying to pick up their car at a DUI tow lot can expect to have to pay at least $50. It may be several dollars more, as it depends on where they were arrested. They should also expect to have to wait for a significant time because the release often does not happen quickly.

Circumstances Prompting a Car Search

Someone’s car following a Hampton Roads DUI may be searched by an officer to conduct an inventory of the vehicle. This is so that the person has an official record of exactly what was in the car, in case something is missing later. Some officers also may make an inventory as part of a search for contraband.

Whether a DUI case is affected by an officer searching the car finding an illegal substance in it depends on the substance. If a person is under the influence of marijuana and the officer finds marijuana while searching the car, it may be used as evidence. This is why it is important for the person to contact a well-established attorney who could assist with getting the car back before a search.

An Attorney Could Help an Individual Retrieve Their Car Following a Hampton Roads DUI

An accomplished attorney could help a person obtain their car following a Hampton Roads DUI by tracking down the car’s presence and determining the best way to get it released if it has been towed. Usually, the police officers are required to tell the individual where the car has been taken and will instruct them how to get it back. The police may not have searched the car and have no reason to suspect there is something illicit in the car. However, a lawyer will want to get the car released as soon as possible, just in case.

For more information about what happens to your car following a Hampton Roads DUI and how a lawyer could assist with your situation, consult with an attorney. Call today and let a legal professional guide you through the process.