Impact of a DUI on a Commercial Driver’s License in Hampton Roads

A DUI in any capacity may incur severe legal consequences. However, the impact of a DUI on a commercial driver’s license in Hampton Roads can be significant. A person could risk losing their commercial driver’s license (CDL) and may also face consequences with their employer. If you or a family member hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and were accused of committing a DUI, reach out to an experienced DUI lawyer immediately. They could review the factors surrounding the alleged violation and work to fight the charge. Call and set up an appointment to begin researching potential legal solutions.

Expectations of a CDL Holder

Someone who holds a CDL or a commercial driver’s license generally is held to a higher standard of driving. They are often responsible for driving large vehicles and transport potentially hazardous materials. Recklessness, in any form, while operating such a vehicle could lead to severe injuries and even loss of life. The expectation for professional and safe driving begins during the application process for a CDL. To obtain a commercial driver’s license, a person typically has to pass background checks and have a clean driving record to the Department of Transportation’s satisfaction.

Potential Consequences of a DUI as a CDL Operator

A DUI conviction often has many legal consequences. These frequently include jail time and costly fines. However, a person should also be aware that incurring a DUI with a commercial driver’s license could jeopardize their ability to retain a commercial driver’s license. Furthermore, when a person with a CDL is charged with a DUI, their license is typically suspended pending the outcome of the case. This suspension would generally disqualify a person from carrying out their driving duties. As a result, an employer may choose to suspend or terminate their employment.

Penalties may be more severe if a person is arrested and charged with a DUI while carrying out their duties as a commercial vehicle driver. While all DUIs are viewed as significant violations, a person charged with a DUI while operating their personal vehicle may experience more leniency. An individual facing their first DUI accusation may also face less serious legal consequences.  To learn more about the potential impact of a DUI on a commercial driver’s license in Hampton Roads, consult with a dedicated attorney who understands DUI cases.

Contact a Lawyer About the Impact of a DUI on a CDL in Hampton Roads

Commercial drivers are commonly entrusted with massive vehicles and potentially dangerous materials. Carelessness on the roadway may cause extensive damage and loss of life. Driving while intoxicated is generally regarded as a breach of duty. An operator who is charged with such an offense could lose their license as a commercial driver. If a person relies upon a CDL to carry out their job responsibilities, they may also face the suspension or termination of their employment. Someone charged with a DUI offense should strongly consider working with an attorney to fight the allegation. Legal penalties and the negative impact of a DUI on a commercial driver’s license in Hampton Roads could be devastating to a person’s career. Call and arrange for a meeting with a DUI lawyer who could advocate on your behalf.