DUI Convictions Impacting Auto Insurance in Hampton Roads

DUI convictions are one of the many ways a person’s auto insurance is negatively affected. Insurance rate could increase or drop the convicted customer depending upon the initial contract. It is essential to consult with a knowledgeable attorney if you are worried about DUI convictions impacting auto insurance in Hampton Roads. A lawyer could act as an advocate on your behalf by dealing with the auto insurer and proving to them that you should not suffer serious implications due to a DUI charge or conviction.

Process of Insurance Companies Becoming Aware of a DUI Charge

A driver’s insurance company may become aware of their DUI charges through a notice from the local law enforcement. They may also run a background check and find an outstanding DUI charge. If an auto insurance company becomes aware that a person has become convicted of a DUI, that could be a contract violation. Such violations could end in a dissolved contract, ultimately having the person dropped by their auto insurer.

DUI Convictions Affecting Car Insurance Rates

If a person is convicted for committing a DUI, they will likely see an increase in their premium. if there is a history of DUI, the insurance company may drop coverage and require that the person attend a program above and beyond what the court is ordering in order to stay insured.

If a person is charged with a DUI but not convicted, insurance can be affected. It all depends on the insurance company, their driving history, and their history with that company. There can still be consequences for a charge even if that charge is ultimately dismissed. They are not necessarily bound by the court’s decision and if their investigation turns up something different, then they may need to follow that. That being said, if the result is a dismissal, the result is likely to be favorable.

When can an Auto Insurer Drop their Coverage in Hampton Roads?

A person’s auto insurance company can drop their coverage if they violate the terms of their contract. Auto insurance is a contract between a person and company that outlines certain terms and conditions of how they can terminate coverage. If the policy gives them the right to terminate upon a conviction, they may use that. Also, if they believe the driver is too significant of a risk, they may decide to remove their coverage.

How Can a DUI Lawyer in Hampton Roads Help Protect Your Insurance Status and Rate?

A DUI defense attorney can help protect your insurance status and current insurance rate by getting the DUI dismissed or reduced. Barring that, oftentimes insurance companies may require information and, if given permission by the person insured, the attorney is able to talk to the insurance company and provide them with details of the case and try to present the person insured in a good light.

An attorney can also show that the person is not operating as a significant risk and may be able to smooth things over with the insurance company in order to keep them from taking punitive actions. If you require help regarding DUI convictions impacting auto insurance in Hampton Roads, contact a dedicated attorney who can meet with you to discuss your case.