Hampton Roads DUI Drug and Alcohol Interactions

The more serious cases of DUI include the combination of drugs and alcohol. With drugs and alcohol, often the two can combine to create dangerous side effects that impact impairment. Also, the presence of one drug or alcohol sample can impact any sort of drug test that shows the presence of the other substance in the blood. For more information about Hampton Roads DUI drug and alcohol interactions, reach out to a qualified DUI drug attorney.

Defending DUI Drug and Alcohol Cases

In DUI cases, the police and the Commonwealth must prove that there was over a specific amount of a certain substance in the person’s blood or that the substances in the defendant’s system caused them to operate their vehicle under the influence. A defendant would then attempt to show that the tests the law enforcement conducted were not reliable. For someone to be considered impaired, their blood alcohol content must be 0.08 percent or higher. However, for drugs, there is no way to measure intoxication. This is one of the issues that will be raised when defending Hampton Roads DUI drug and alcohol interactions cases.

DUI Drug and Alcohol Penalties in Hampton Roads

A defendant may face the same penalties if they have alcohol and drugs in their system as someone who has been charged with just an alcohol-related DUI. However, if they are found guilty, it is more likely that they will receive a lengthier jail time than a defendant who had been charged with driving under the influence of just alcohol. Most of the time, the drugs involved in these cases are illegal, like marijuana, which can enhance the penalties. Also, when combining these substances with alcohol, it can often create a greater level of impairment.

Prescription Drugs Mixed With Alcohol Impact on Impairment

Some Hampton Roads DUI drug and alcohol interactions involve prescription drugs. Most prescription drugs are not to be taken with alcohol. Often people are told when receiving a prescription to avoid alcohol due to the potential side effects the drugs can produce, such as intoxication. For instance, it may only take one drink of alcohol to create a reaction that leads to the individual being impaired and over the legal limit.

A person may not realize that whatever substance they are taking is not supposed to be taken with alcohol and then their body will metabolize the alcohol and medication, which will cause the two substances to be in the individual’s bloodstream at the same time. As the alcohol and medication react, it can cause them to retain a state of intoxication.

How a DUI Attorney in Hampton Roads Could Help

The Commonwealth will want to present any evidence they have showing intoxication. In a prescription case, the defense attorney could argue that the defendant did not realize the prescription medication was not to be taken with alcohol. The defense bears the burden of showing that the defendant did everything properly to avoid impairment. If you have any questions about Hampton Roads DUI drug and alcohol interactions and how a lawyer could help, contact a legal professional today.