How a DUI Affects Someone’s Employment Status in Hampton Roads

Driving under the influence can have substantial legal and personal ramifications. Jail time and fines are only two ways a DUI conviction could negatively impact a person’s life. When a person incurs a DUI conviction, they may also lose their job and face more barriers when searching for future employment opportunities. To discuss how a DUI affects someone’s employment status in Hampton Roads, a person should schedule a legal consultation. An aggressive and diligent DUI lawyer could examine the factors surrounding the alleged offense and work to establish a credible defense.

Understanding the Impact of a DUI Offense

A DUI can negatively impact a person’s career. Employers typically strive to hire individuals with clean records and without past discrepancies. While a person may view a DUI conviction as a mistake that happened in the past, an employer could potentially view it as a sign of unreliability. As a result, an individual with a DUI conviction could experience difficulty obtaining future gainful employment or even promotions from their current position. Furthermore, if a person’s current job requires them to drive, an employer could view a DUI arrest or conviction as especially severe. A person facing a DUI charge should consult with a skilled attorney who understands how a DUI affects someone’s employment status in Hampton Roads.

Arrest vs. Conviction

An arrest and a conviction are two different things. When someone is arrested for a DUI offense, they legally have yet to be found guilty of the charge. At this point, the charge could ultimately be dismissed or fought in court. A conviction typically results after a person pleads guilty or is found guilty of the charge. In most cases, a conviction for a DUI cannot be expunged or altered. It generally will remain on a person’s public criminal record permanently. Most job applications require a person to disclose if they have ever been convicted of a crime and withholding such information could lead to termination.

First Offense DUI

Depending on a person’s occupation and the severity of the offense, a first offense DUI may cause employment problems. It is important to note that a person with a history of alcohol abuse and legal issues may face more significant penalties than an individual with a clean record. However, a first time driving under the influence conviction may still negatively impact a person’s employment status. Partnering with a knowledgeable attorney who is familiar with DUI could positively impact a person’s case and potentially allow them to more effectively fight the allegation.

Speak With An Attorney About How Employment is Impacted by a DUI in Hampton Roads

In most areas, driving while intoxicated is considered to be a severe offense. Convictions for such a violation typically result in legal consequences such as jail time and costly fines. However, a person’s current employment and future career opportunities may also suffer. Many employers negatively view DUI convictions, as well as any legal infractions on a person’s background check. It is important to recognize how a DUI affects someone’s employment status in Hampton Roads and to aggressively fight against the charge. If you or a family member were accused of committing a DUI offense, consult with a professional DUI attorney and start refuting the charge as soon as possible.