Hampton Roads DUI Independent Blood and Urine Testing

Partaking in Hampton Roads DUI independent blood and urine testing means a person could have materials tested by a laboratory of their choosing. When someone is arrested and charged with a DUI, law enforcement often asks the accused to take breath, blood, and urine tests.

The police may conduct these tests and the results may come from a laboratory that is run by the court. However, an individual has the right to have these tested on their own. By contacting a capable DUI attorney, you could learn more about this type of testing, and how to build a strong defense for your case.

Administering Tests

Blood and urine tests could be administered by whichever laboratory that a person selects, and then they would have to submit the results to the lab for testing. Circumstances in which a DUI defense attorney might suggest having independent blood, urine or breath testing following a DUI arrest may result from the belief that that the test was inaccurate or there were issues with these results. Though this may not be done often if an individual believes that there is a discrepancy with the test they could easily have Hampton Roads DUI independent blood and urine testing done.

Could These Results Be Used as Evidence In Court?

These results could be used as evidence in court on the basis that the individual provides notice to the court and the prosecution. The test may have to be done by certain certified agencies that are set out in the code section. If the labs used are accredited properly and the results are considered accurate, an individual could present that evidence.

Expert Witnesses From a Virginia Laboratory

If the test administrator could qualify as an expert witness, meaning their understanding is such that they have a specialized knowledge, they could testify as an expert witness as to what happened. They may be circumstances in which a person who took or analyzed the samples could be brought in as an expert witness.

There may be exceptions to allow scientific evidence to be heard without meeting the person who took the test. For this to occur, there may be waivers in order for the evidence to be heard. Hampton Roads DUI independent blood and urine testing may require that the test administrator is brought in, since it may not be state run.

Additional Evidence That Could Be Used in Addition to a Hampton Roads DUI Independent Blood and Urine Test

Additional evidence that Hampton Roads DUI attorneys might need to acquire in addition to the results of independent blood and urine testing include:

  • Witnesses for testimony
  • How an individual operated the vehicle at the time of the alleged incident
  • Field sobriety test information

If there are questions about the breath test, the judge may default to how the person performed during any field sobriety tests.

Contacting a Hampton Roads DUI Attorney

If you have found yourself in a position where you have been accused of driving while under the influence, seeking the legal advice of a DUI lawyer could benefit your case. Having an independent test done could show the flaws in the prosecution’s evidence and further strengthen your case. Reach out to a driven DUI attorney today to learn more about Hampton Roads DUI independent blood and urine testing.