Hampton Roads Domestic Violence Lawyer

Getting charged with domestic violence can turn your world upside-down. It may soil your familial ties and mar your reputation in your neighborhood. Further, it might provide your spouse with grounds to divorce you and alienate you from your children.

If you have been charged with assault or battery to your family or housemates, it might be wise to call an experienced defense attorney right away. A seasoned Hampton Roads domestic violence lawyer might be able to defend you vigorously in pursuit of a positive outcome.

Accusations of Domestic Violence

Even if a family member attempts to “drop the charges” against the accused party, they may not end the nightmare. Once an arrest has been made by Hampton Roads law enforcement, the indictment becomes the responsibility of the local prosecutor rather than the accuser.

The magnitude of the indictment for domestic violence in Hampton Roads may depend on the frequency and the circumstances of the alleged event.

As has been memorialized in the Code of Virginia §18.2-57.2, assault and battery against a family member may be charged as a Class I misdemeanor. In Hampton Roads, per the Code of Virginia §18.2-11, a Class I misdemeanor is punishable by up to one year in jail and a $2,500 fine.

Moreover, accused parties who have several convictions within a 20-years period for severe bodily injury, malicious wounding, strangling may face a sentence that is commensurate with a Class 6 felony. An experienced Hampton Roads domestic violence attorney may be well-versed in cases involving prior convictions.

Related Legal Matters to Domestic Violence Cases

If an estranged spouse in Hampton Roads proves extreme cruelty may be able to get a divorce from their partner. A dissatisfied partner may choose to call the police and allege domestic assault and battery, so that they might prove the police report as evidence for the family court. A capable domestic violence lawyer in Hampton Roads may be able to help a client discredit a police report that was never prosecuted.

Further, per §16.1-253.1 of the Code of Virginia, a Hampton Roads court may issue a restraining order against one household member upon receipt of sworn testimony of domestic violence. A protective order may require the accused party to move out of their residence, which can mean they may be distanced from their loved ones. A well-informed domestic violence attorney in Hampton Roads may be able to defend accused clients who are subject protective orders.

Consult with a Hampton Roads Domestic Violence Attorney Today

Being accused of committing assault and battery, or related unlawful actions, can create major legal and personal problems for you. It might lower your standing in your community and negatively impact your career.

Additionally, if you are married to your accuser and have children with them, you could become divorced and distanced from your kids.

If the person who has alleged the domestic violence also obtains an emergency protective order, you may be saddled with multiple court dates for the restraining order and the criminal charges.

A diligent Hampton Roads domestic violence lawyer might be able to defend you persuasively, so that you may be able to put this frightening and time-consuming period of your life behind you. Call today to schedule a meeting with local counsel.