Penalties of a Hampton Roads Domestic Violence Conviction

Domestic violence is a serious offense, that can have long-lasting consequences for those who are convicted. Penalties of a Hampton Roads domestic violence conviction include jail time and exorbitant fines. Depending on the person’s previous record, they could also face felony charges for this offense. With so much at stake, it is vital for individuals to work with a skilled domestic violence attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer could work to mitigate the severity of the penalties that a person may face, and protect their rights.

Domestic Violence Arrests

When a person is charged with domestic assault, they are going to get arrested,  processed and probably will get some sort of bond. Following arrival at the scene, law enforcement will often determine who the primary aggressor is by talking to the witnesses or talking to the people involved and evaluating any injuries or any of the physical evidence. It is not that uncommon to see a police charging both parties if they believe that both were engaged in conflict with the other.

If a person is arrested and taken to the station, then they will go in front of the magistrate and, eventually, have to go in front of the judge for an arraignment. They are likely going to have people asking questions because these are things that tend to make the news. The will likely be ordered to have no contact with the accuser, so a person may have to arrange for separate living arrangements.

Penalties for a Domestic Violence Offense

Domestic violence in Virginia is a Class One misdemeanor, so penalties of a Hampton Roads domestic violence conviction include the possibility of 12 months in jail, it also leads to a suspension of the right to possess a firearm. If a person is convicted, they have a misdemeanor on their record, they may have jail time or a fine, they may be ordered to complete anger management programs or other sorts of treatment. They may also be barred, both in Virginia and federally, from possessing a firearm. This is a crime that can have serious consequences. A person wants to provide all the necessary information to their lawyer.

Judges will look at a person’s criminal record, the nature of the relationship with the victim, the side of the victim and the side of the defendant, and the action taken, the level of injuries, the cuts and bruises, whether there is hospitalization and things like that. It does not necessarily lead to more jail time, but if there is a protective order and it is violated, then that would be a mandatory minimum of 60 days in jail.

Long-Term Implications of a Domestic Violence Conviction

The long-term implications of penalties of a Hampton Roads domestic violence conviction include having a misdemeanor on record that must be disclosed on job applications. This conviction will follow the individual around. Once someone has been convicted of domestic violence, people may speculate and believe certain things about them that are not true. It can be challenging and burdensome to explain and contextualize what actually happened. The long-term consequence is that this will be on a person’s record and that carries a negative stigma that will follow them in life. In addition, they will lose any firearm rights. Any statements a person makes can and will be used against them. So, if a person has a lawyer, they want that lawyer there so they can advise.

Value of Contacting an Attorney

It can be difficult to face the penalties of a Hampton Roads domestic violence conviction alone. An experienced domestic violence lawyer could devote the time and resources necessary to build a solid case for an individual. Those who have been charged with domestic violence should retain the services of a determined attorney that could fight for them.