Marijuana Laws in Hampton Roads

Various states and jurisdictions have visited the decriminalization of marijuana usage. However, theĀ Marijuana Decriminalization Laws in Hampton Roads have yet to change. Yet it may still be beneficial to discuss this topic with a skilled marijuana lawyer if you are facing potential charges for possession or intent to distribute.

Treatment of Marijuana Possession in Hampton Roads

The state legislatures are either repealing the laws on possession and allowing for simple possession, or jurisdictions are not necessarily enforcing or arresting for those types of charges. At this point, Virginia has not started to decriminalize like other states have. If a person has an illegal substance with them, even if it is perfectly legal where they are or where they live, if they are in Virginia, then they run the risk of getting arrested for it.

People tend to think that because it is happening in some states, it is happening in all states, especially if they came from a place where having marijuana is illegal, but that is not going to be legal in Virginia and they could be prosecuted for it.

Legality of Marijuana vs. Other Illegal Narcotics

Right now, marijuana is the one that is being decriminalized the most with the most frequency. Substances like cocaine are still not going to be decriminalized anytime soon because they are illegal substances and have no real use and they are only used for illegal purposes. There may also be prescription drugs, but most of the decriminalization focus is on marijuana only.

How Can Someone Gain Leniency in the Prosecution of their Case?

There are currently decriminalization exceptions for medical marijuana treatments or products. Generally, if a person is looking for leniency, the judge looks at the person’s criminal record. They look at the nature of the case, what kind of drug it was, how much it was. If it is a small amount of marijuana, they may be more lenient and they are going to be less likely to believe it is necessary to find the person guilty or throw the book at them.

Impact of Decriminalization Laws on Drug Possession Cases

At this point, possession of marijuana or possession of other controlled substances within Virginia is still illegal. Currently, most jurisdictions are still enforcing the law. It has not hit the area to any great degree. Even if someone has a small amount of marijuana on them and they are found by a police officer, they are probably going to charge the person with possession of marijuana. However, it is not necessarily a priority so they may not be necessarily going out of their way to make those arrests, but they are still going to arrest the person.

Contact a Hampton Roads Marijuana Attorney

If you were charged with possession of marijuana, you should not risk appearing in court without representation. A skilled Hampton Roads marijuana attorney could protect your rights and fight tirelessly for a positive outcome to your case. Call today to set up a consultation and begin building a strong defense.