Hampton Roads Drug Penalties

Drug-related penalties can not only affect your reputation, but could also lead to jail time. A drug penalty on your record will also affect any employment possibilities, college scholarship offers and may lead to mandatory community service. In Virginia, drug penalties are not expunged. If you are convicted of a drug charge, it could quite possibly stay on your record forever.

Given the circumstances surrounding a possible drug-related conviction, it is important to work with an experienced Hampton Roads drug lawyer who can fight to keep a charge from becoming a conviction on your criminal record. Contact a skilled criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Most Common Drug-Related Crimes

Possession of marijuana is the most common drug-related crime. Possession of cocaine and possession of heroin is very common as well. Hampton Roads law enforcement has been cracking down on other less common drugs, such as Fentanyl. These other, less common drugs, have been known to be mixed with more popular drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Law enforcement is now forced to crack-down on the less common drugs because of their ability to be mixed with other, more popular drugs.

Severity of Drug-Related Charges

Drug charges can be very intimidating. An individual charged with a drug-related crime must build a strong defense in order to reduce fines, have charges dropped, or possibly be proven innocent. A skilled lawyer would be able to help with building a strong case.

A conviction of a drug-related charge is more than likely to go on your record. If an individual with a bad record gets convicted of a drug-related charge, it is very likely that the conviction will be treated as a felony. Courts may be willing to work with an individual who has a good record, however, the more severe the drug charge, the less likely courts might be willing to work with you. A drug lawyer would be able to provide more information about the severity of Hampton Roads drug penalties.

Confusion Regarding the Legality of Certain Substances

There is some confusion surrounding the legality of certain substances. For example, some states have legalized marijuana. Areas surrounding Virginia have also begun to do the same. In the District of Columbia, which borders Virginia, they are not as adamant about enforcing laws involving marijuana. In the state of Mayland, marijuana is on the verge of being decriminalized. There is some danger that people from other states, where marijuana is legal, will come to Virginia with possession of marijuana. Marijuana bought legally in Virginia is still considered to be illegal in the state of Virginia.

Benefit of a Hampton Roads Lawyer

If you are currently facing a drug charge, you are at risk of paying an insurmountable amount of money in fines or spend time in jail. Unless you have extensive knowledge of the complex legal system, you will want to hire a skilled lawyer to mitigate potential Hampton Roads drug penalties.  A lawyer can fight to have your charges dropped. or work to keep you out of jail, potential fines, and get back to living your life.