Hampton Roads Expungement Lawyer

If you were arrested in the state of Virginia and subsequently acquitted of a misdemeanor charge for a first-time offense, it may be possible to get the arrest removed—or expunged—from your record completely. Having an arrest record can lead to you being denied housing and employment, as well as variety of other negative effects, but having your arrest expunged can remove the need to worry about these kinds of long-term consequences.

There is no need to allow a first-time arrest and acquittal impact your life any longer. If you are interested in removing an arrest from your record, contact a Hampton Roads expungement lawyer today. Talking to a qualified criminal defense attorney could be the best decision you could make for your future.

Benefits of Expungement

The right Hampton Roads expungement attorney help pursue expungement of a wide range of criminal offenses. As mentioned above, expungement permanently removes arrests from record, but getting an offense expunged can also provide the following benefits:

  • Individuals can obtain employment without worrying about an employer or coworker learning about a previous arrest
  • Law enforcement agencies in possession of a criminal record must erase all information about the arrest
  • Internet records of the arrest will be completely removed
  • There is no need to worry about being turned down for education or housing because of a criminal background

The Expungement Process

Requesting expungement of an arrest can be a lengthy process, and petitioners must follow specific procedures every step of the way. At the start of the process, a petitioner must first collect the following materials and send them to the law enforcement agency that made the arrest and the court that heard their case:

  • A copy of their indictment or warrant
  • A petition motion that includes the charge the individual wishes to expunge, as well as their full name, their date of birth, and the end date of their court case
  • A set of fingerprints from the law enforcement agency responsible for their arrest

The petition would then be sent to the office of the prosecutor, and eventually, there would be a court hearing regarding the petition. At this hearing, the petitioner must prove that expungement would improve their quality of life and that they have made genuine efforts to adhere to the law. Once the aforementioned steps are complete, the court may grant permission for an expungement.

A successful hearing often depends on whether the filing party follows the petition rules and argues their case effectively. Doing so alone can be remarkably difficult, but by hiring an expungement lawyer in Hampton Roads who could file paperwork, submit the petition, and argue the case on your behalf, individuals may be able to increase their chances of obtaining a positive outcome.

Talk to a Hampton Roads Expungement Attorney

If you would like your criminal arrest record expunged, you must follow the rules step by step. An expungement can help you gain a fresh start, but it may also be critical to have an experienced attorney on your side to advocate in your name. Talk to a Hampton Roads expungement lawyer today to see what your legal options may be.