Hampton Roads Defense Contractor Fraud Lawyer

Defense contractor fraud occurs when a defense contractor attempts to defraud the federal government in order to boost profits. Defense contractor fraud is a serious crime because it involves felony offenses prosecuted by the federal government. There tends to be a lot of money involved, and there also tends to be higher stakes when dealing with the federal government. Catching fraud is one of their favorite things to do, so if they believe that if someone is committing fraud against a government agency, they are going to come after the person.

A person facing charges of defense contractor fraud should hire an experienced attorney. The federal government has significant resources at its disposal when it wants to prosecute these types of charges. If someone is accused of defense contractor fraud, they will likely face a government that is willing to go as far as necessary without having to be worried about running out of time, money, or resources to prosecute them. Contact a Hampton Roads defense contractor fraud lawyer for assistance with your case.

Consequences of a Fraud Conviction

The immediate consequences of a defense contractor fraud conviction are a felony conviction. Because these crimes are all under federal statutes, an individual may also lose security clearance.

A long-term consequence of a defense contractor fraud conviction is difficulty with employment. It can affect someone’s ability to get other contracts for business because this is something that the person will have to explain to prospective employers. The best way to avoid the serious consequences of a fraud conviction is to retain a Hampton Roads defense contractor fraud attorney.

Preventing Fraud

To prevent any type of fraud from occurring, a defense contractor needs a contract that clearly shows the terms of the agreement. They will also want to document all work done and how much people try to be paid for that work. The more information one has, the better.

Often, the most common types of contractor fraud involve people saying they did work when they did not or saying they did things that took longer than it actually took them. The government wants firm documentation of everything that needs to be done and how long they expect the work to take. If it goes over that, there will need to be explanations as to why it took longer.

Defense Strategies

The best defense against fraud is that there was no fraud, that the work was done properly, or that it was done with permission. All the billing is accurate, and there is nothing fraudulent about what was done. Maybe the government is alleging that some receipts were not accurate, but if the person can show that they did all the work and everything was done appropriately, they can show the judge or jury that there is no fraud.

A fraud lawyer will want to gather as much information as possible about the contract and then the alleged fraud. They will try to see if this is a situation where it was fraudulent or it was a situation where the estimates were just inconsistent.

Contact a Hampton Roads Defense Contractor Fraud Attorney

If you face charges of defrauding the federal government or you are the subject of an investigation, contact an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible. A criminal lawyer could help protect your rights during any questioning and fight for a positive outcome at every step of the case. Call today to schedule a consultation.