Hampton Roads Embezzlement Lawyer 

Embezzlement is taking money that was meant for another person or other purpose, and using that money for a person’s personal gain. A person should contact a Hampton Roads embezzlement lawyer as soon as they find out that they are facing charges and are able to contact a professional fraud attorney.

If the value of the property is $200 or more, it is a felony. The person would have a felony conviction on their record. When speaking outside of the law, felony or any type of conviction for embezzlement is going to make future employers very hesitant to hire them. A person is likely to lose both their job and any future prospects for employment. Do not compromise your future, contact an attorney today.

What Are Consequences of Embezzlement?

The most immediate consequence of an embezzlement is that a person has a conviction for the crime of moral turpitude, which is the technical term for a crime involving lying, cheating, or stealing. These are crimes that can greatly impact employment and make it difficult to get a job in the future. The other significant aspect of an embezzlement conviction is that the person is going to have the felony conviction for the rest of their life, impacting their social, economic, and other opportunities.

Long-Term Consequences

If a person has an embezzlement conviction, then any time the person has to testify or appear in front of any official or judge, they must admit to having committed a crime of moral turpitude. If a person ever faced larceny charges in the future, this will come up. If a person is charged with grand larceny in the future and a judge sees that the person has an embezzlement charge, it is likely going to lead to a higher sentence because their past violation that will escalate charges. Talk to a Hampton Roads embezzlement lawyer for more information.

Misconceptions About Embezzlement

People think that embezzlement only happens with major companies. That is not case. If a person works and is taking money out of a cash register, it is considered embezzlement as well. People do not assume that a “regular” person can be charged with embezzlement because embezzlement may seem like a more corporate offense that happens to big businesses. This is a misconception surrounding embezzlement.

Evidence Necessary for Defense

The prosecutors have to show that there was money or property of value taken and used for purposes other than what it was supposed to be used for. Often there will be bank statements. In a case where a person has taken money out of a cash register, there may be surveillance footage that shows someone taking money out of the register. There is various evidence that can be presented in such a case.

Contact a Hampton Roads Embezzlement Lawyer Today

Every jurisdiction handles these types of cases differently. An experienced lawyer that has handled these types of cases throughout Hampton Roads will know what they need, what to expect from a jurisdiction, how the prosecutors handle these types of cases, what the temperament is, and what the best way to handle it is. Contact a Hampton Roads embezzlement lawyer today to see what they can do for you.