Building a Defense to Hampton Roads Conspiracy to Embezzle Charges

When building a defense to Hampton Roads conspiracy to embezzle charges, a person may significantly benefit from consulting legal counsel. They could examine the circumstances that may have contributed to a person’s arrest and fight to refute the allegations. Penalties for any embezzlement related offense could extensively impact a person’s livelihood, reputation, and freedom. Someone who is charged with conspiracy to commit embezzlement should call and arrange for an appointment with a trusted embezzlement attorney.

Elements That May Lead to Prosecution

A conspiracy to commit embezzlement charge is more abstract than a traditional theft offense. In most conspiracy cases, a person may be charged with an offense without actually committing the act. Simply planning, contributing to the planning, or agreeing to an alleged embezzlement could allow a prosecutor to file charges and place an individual at risk for incurring substantial legal penalties. This is an important distinction that a person should be aware of when they are accused of being involved in an embezzlement conspiracy.

Refuting the Conspiracy Allegation

A credible defense strategy may revolve around demonstrating that there was no conspiracy or that an accused person did not plan or agree to commit an embezzlement offense. More specifically, it is important to show that an alleged person did not act in concert with other accused individuals and that other people acted out of their own volition. This may serve as a way of showing there was no conspiracy to commit an illegal act.

In some cases, a person may attempt to show that they refused to participate in a conspiracy after a certain point. They could potentially be charged for their actions prior to their exit. Someone building a defense to Hampton Roads conspiracy to embezzle charges should consult a skilled embezzlement attorney who could fight for their rights and work with to demonstrate their lack of involvement.

Collecting Evidence to Fight the Charge

An attorney could launch their own independent investigation into the alleged offense. Law enforcement and the prosecution could make mistakes processing evidence or may fail to identify evidence supporting an accused person’s case. A lawyer could search for emails, video footage, photographs, or other documents that may serve a defendant’s best interest. Securing this type of evidence could substantially help refute a conspiracy charge.

Build a Credible Defense to Conspiracy Charges in Hampton Roads

Conspiracy charges can be especially frustrating as individuals who are charged do not need to actually commit the illegal act. The legal consequences can be severe and a permanent criminal record with open access to the public may be created. A conviction for conspiracy to commit an embezzlement offense may significantly put a person at a disadvantage of receiving government benefits, future employment opportunities and even acceptance into an institution for higher learning. Success in court may depend upon building a defense to Hampton Roads conspiracy  to embezzle charges. If you or a family member were accused of conspiring to commit embezzlement, consult a seasoned criminal defense attorney.