Investigating Hampton Roads Embezzlement Charges

Someone who is charged with embezzlement generally faces significant legal consequences upon conviction. While there are many different aspects of investigating Hampton Roads embezzlement charges, a person who understands the different procedures may be able to build a more comprehensive defense in court. If you were charged with any type of embezzlement offense, contact an aggressive embezzlement lawyer. They could review the charge, the details that may surround it, and help identify substantial legal strategies that could be effective for your case. Call and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Aspects of Proving an Embezzlement Case

Embezzlement cases are typically pursued by the prosecution as felonies which are regarded as serious criminal offenses. To prove their case, the prosecution generally needs to prove that the accused took money that they had access to for a limited purpose and that they misappropriated those funds in a manner that they were not supposed to do. Additionally, the prosecution may need to address intent on behalf of the accused. While there is no such thing as an accidental embezzlement, the prosecution still needs to make it clear from the beginning that the individual in question understood what they were doing. Someone facing embezzlement charges should seek legal counsel immediately to expand their knowledge of how law enforcement is investigating Hampton Roads embezzlement charges and to begin building a substantial defense. The consequences of an embezzlement conviction could be devastating to a person’s future and livelihood.

Evidence in an Embezzlement Investigation

Evidence for embezzlement can come in various forms. Financial records that show how the alleged funds were misappropriated or handled improperly could serve as evidence of embezzlement. Additionally, witnesses could testify as to what the accused person was supposed to do with the money and what they actually did with it. In some cases, there could be video footage that may have captured an alleged incident and the prosecution could potentially use such video as evidence.

Depending upon the circumstances of the incident, a skilled embezzlement lawyer could help dispute the admission of certain documents or video footage into evidence. In many cases, the way law enforcement obtains evidence could be inadmissible and a defense attorney could help demonstrate how law enforcement may have violated a person’s rights when obtaining such evidence. However, if law enforcement obtains a subpoena for certain information, that typically will be admissible in court. Furthermore, if law enforcement and the prosecution attempts to get access to the accused person’s financial records and a person does not wish to let them have that then a warrant generally needs to be issued. The prosecution typically bears the burden of showing that a person should have to turn over those types of documents.

Learn More About Investigating Embezzlement Charges in Hampton Roads

If you were accused of an embezzlement offense, consider reaching out to a dedicated embezzlement attorney. They could help a person understand the procedures that law enforcement and the prosecution might use while investigating Hampton Roads embezzlement charges. Comprehending such information may assist an accused person and their lawyer in developing a credible defense to refute the charges. A conviction for any embezzlement charge could significantly harm a person’s livelihood as they may face jail time and expensive fines. Schedule an appointment to discuss your potential legal options immediately.