Hampton Roads Embezzlement Sentencing Lawyer

A person who has been convicted of an embezzlement offense or someone at risk for such a conviction may benefit greatly from consulting with a dedicated Hampton Roads embezzlement sentencing lawyer. They could review the factors that might have contributed to the conviction and potentially help advocate for leniency during any upcoming sentencing proceedings. If you or a family member are approaching a sentencing for an embezzlement offense, contact a committed embezzlement lawyer to discuss potential strategies.

Sentencing Guidelines

After a conviction for an embezzlement offense, a judge commonly will refer to a set of guidelines to help inform their sentencing decisions. Typically, these guidelines give suggestions to the judge on how a person should be sentenced based on the crime they committed and the circumstances surrounding the incident. Additionally, a person’s past record may be reviewed in conjunction with the other factors to help determine a penalty. If a person has been convicted of a felony in the past, especially a violent one, they may be at risk for being seen as a category one or category two offender. This could cause a person’s sentence to be doubled or even quadrupled depending on the past charge. Before attending a sentencing hearing, a person should speak with a Hampton Roads embezzlement sentencing lawyer.

Furthermore, when a case is considered federal the guidelines that a judge may review could be stiffer than state guidelines. Someone who has been convicted of a federal embezzlement offense may want to seek aggressive legal counsel to represent them during sentencing. Any legal penalties for an embezzlement offense may put a person’s liberty at risk and could reduce their ability to maintain a stable future. However, this becomes especially true for federal embezzlement cases, as the penalties in the federal guidelines are generally more severe.

Role of a Sentencing Attorney

At first glance, someone who has just been convicted may not understand why they should contact a Hampton Roads embezzlement sentencing lawyer. However, an attorney can still serve a pivotal purpose during sentencing. A lawyer could help present evidence that could put a person in the best light, this may include having friends and family members testify as character witnesses. In many cases, this helps show a convicted person’s humanity and the role that they may have upheld outside of the alleged incident, such as a father or mother.

Contacting a Hampton Roads Embezzlement Sentencing Attorney

Someone who has been convicted of an embezzlement charge may feel that they have no other options than to accept the verdict. However, a seasoned Hampton Roads embezzlement sentencing lawyer could examine the different factors of the case and work to develop a strategy that could potentially help a convicted person receive leniency at sentencing. If you or a loved one could benefit from seeking the legal counsel of an attorney who is familiar with sentencing hearings and the guidelines that a judge may use to inform their decision, contact an embezzlement sentencing attorney in Hampton Roads.