Hampton Roads Gun Plea Deals

Hampton Roads gun plea deals typically impact the end half of one’s case. It can impact the way the courts record your position on the crime you have been accused of. This means it could be critical to speak with an established firearm attorney who can help you determine the most appropriate plea for you. A lawyer can help you assess the strength of your defense and the likely outcome. Together you can decide how to proceed with your case.

Defining Various Pleas in Gun Cases

The types of Hampton Roads gun plea deals include guilty, not guilty, or no-contest. Individuals should know that they should remain silent and say nothing to the police upon arrest. The police must arrest them if they suspect a crime has been committed. When arrested, the person should be cooperative with law enforcement but remain silent on any aspect of their arrest and alleged crime.

An individual pleads guilty when they admit that they committed the crime the individual is charged with. The commonwealth need take no further action to prove charges against them. A not guilty plea means that an individual is denying the charges against them and the commonwealth must establish evidence proving otherwise. A no-contest plea means that the individual is not admitting, one way or the other, the charges against them and the commonwealth  must  prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they are the one who committed this offense.

Considerations for Gun Plea Deals

The most important thing to consider is the strength of the evidence against them. Meaning, the Commonwealth must be able to prove with the body of evidence before them that beyond any reasonable doubt the individual is guilty as charged.  The consequences of a guilty plea must be seriously considered as well.

In the case of a felony a guilty plea could mean jail time and a criminal record. The felon also loses the right to bear arms, the right to vote for a specified time period, and be put on supervised probation for some length of time. A firearm attorney has the experience delving into and understanding the evidence to more accurately determine the chances the accused has in a court of law.

Risk of Challenging Plea Deals Without Legal Assistance

A person who has not hired an attorney may plea bargain for themselves with the prosecution. However, if they do hire an attorney, the attorney must plea bargain on behalf of the potential client – the accused is not permitted to plea bargain in the attorney’s absence. An individual might consider bargaining Hampton Roads gun plea deals. However, this is especially not recommended for felony charges.

It’s important to contact an attorney immediately so that the attorney can begin working on the case and building a defense. If an attorney is not contacted immediately, witnesses may forget the details of what happened so they are no longer able to help the defendant. Analyzing physical evidence analysis takes time and if the court date is approaching, there may not be time to complete the analysis.