Hampton Roads Sexual Battery Lawyer

Sexual battery is the sexual abuse of someone by force, threat, intimidation or ruse. If you have been accused of committing this offense, discussing your charge with a Hampton Roads sexual battery lawyer could help you gain peace of mind before trial. A distinguished sex crimes attorney can be your advocate and fight for your rights throughout the court process.

What is Sexual Assault and Sexual Battery?

Sexual abuse is an act done with the intent to molest, arouse or gratify any person and it usually involves touching intimate parts, or the clothing over it, or forcing the victim to do so to the accused. Sexual battery differs from assault because sexual battery is a specific charge. Misdemeanor sexual battery is not considered a violent offense.

How Seriously is Sexual Battery Treated in Court?

as a Hampton Roads sexual battery lawyer has seen, people who are accused of sexual battery have a relationship with the person accusing them. While there are sex crimes taken against strangers, that does not happen every day. Sex crimes are usually against people that are known to the defendant, and that can be concerning.

The courts, the local law enforcement, and the Prosecutors take these crimes very seriously because they do not want this type of behavior to grow into something worse. Sexual battery is a misdemeanor and carries with it the possibility of 12 months in jail and a $2,500 fine. A person is not considered a violent criminal if they are convicted of misdemeanor sexual battery.


What Are Aggravating Factors of Sexual Assault?

The aggravating factors are the age of the alleged victim, the relationship between the victim and the complaining witness, and the exact type of behavior that is alleged to have occurred, e.g., a light touching to somebody forcing or trying to force somebody to commit sexual acts. Therefore, it can be critical for someone facing this type of sex crime to speak with a Hampton Roads sexual battery lawyer about how to try avoiding

Impact of Aggravated Sexual Battery Charges

Depending on certain circumstances, sexual assault offenses can be charged as an aggravated sexual battery, which is a felony, if there is some sort of injury caused. A generic sexual battery could go from just a misdemeanor (or no jail time) to possibly 12 months in jail if the details so offend the judge or the jury hearing the case.

Benefit of Speaking with a Sex Crimes Attorney

Sexual battery is classified as a sex offense so it would require registration if convicted and it would follow someone both on the Sex Offense Registry and general knowledge they have a sex offense crime against them. That will stick with them. A Hampton Roads sexual battery lawyer may be able to help you prepare for the specific things that the Government has to show in order to get a conviction. A practiced attorney can walk them through that the process and possibly avoid a conviction if the Government is unable to meet their burden.