Hampton Roads Sex Crimes Investigations

Those who have been charged with sex crime offenses might be the subject of Hampton Roads sex crimes investigations. Being the subject of an investigation can have serious consequences for an individual, which is why it is important to get in touch with an experienced sex crimes attorney. A lawyer could devote the time and resources necessary to conduct their own investigation and protect your rights. Speak with an attorney today and know that you are in capable hands.

Who Investigates Sex Crime Cases?

Hampton Roads sex crimes investigations are handled by the local police department’s Major Crimes Unit or the Sex Crimes Unit, which is made up of senior detectives that will handle these types of cases.┬áThe localities usually investigate what happened, so there is a report of a crime by an alleged victim which goes to detectives in the Sex Crimes or Major Crimes Unit of the local police; usually experienced senior detectives who may claim jurisdiction. They will go to the area, talk to people involved, and gather evidence. Usually, the police department makes the determination. The detective who is assigned this case when the call comes in will determine if it is credible and conduct an investigation.

Evidence in Sex Crime Investigations

Detectives are charged with the task of collecting evidence because sex crime cases are very sensitive cases, and require the knowledge of experienced individuals that will know what type of questions to ask and what information needs to be gathered. Detectives try to seek out statements, photographs of physical evidence, any sort of clothing, footprints or fingerprints that were left at the scene, and any DNA evidence, which has become an extremely effective tool in sex offense cases. They also talk to people and conduct interviews, gather evidence, and try to preserve anything that has been touched by the accuser and/or the accused in the hopes of obtaining fingerprints or DNA evidence.

Are Investigations Prior to Arrest Common?

Hampton Roads sex crimes investigations are common prior to arrests, especially when the alleged victim cannot identify the accused. Often this type of violence is committed by a stranger. Some of them can identify the accuser and there may be an investigation before arrest depending on what they are alleging because it gives them an opportunity to gather evidence and interview the accused without necessarily arresting them and tipping them off that they could be in trouble, which allows them to get more honest answers.

They are more common in cases where the alleged victim cannot identify the accuser, or there may be some sort of DNA evidence or photographs, but the alleged victim does not have a name or clear identification. In the more serious cases, when there is rape or sodomy, there tends to be more of an investigation because the officers want to have a stronger case before they make any arrests.

Value of Working With a Hampton Roads Sex Crimes Lawyer

The majority of sex crimes are felonies. They are very serious crimes, many of which carry mandatory jail time. If there is no mandatory jail time, there are rather lengthy jail sentences at stake. A person charged with a sex crime needs an experienced lawyer who has handled serious felonies and serious sex crimes before, who can give them honest advice about what they are facing, and what their best course of action will be. A qualified sex crimes attorney could help an individual navigate Hampton Roads sex crimes investigations and ensure that their rights are protected.