Role of a Hampton Roads Sex Crimes Lawyer

The role of a Hampton Roads sex crimes lawyer is similar to the role in any case. When meeting with the accused,  an organized sex crimes attorney can try to find out exactly what is going on, and then work to achieve a beneficial outcome. It is a little more complicated in a sex crime case because it is more emotional and the stakes are raised; these are very serious crimes.

What to Expect from an Attorney

When the accused is completely honest, the role of a Hampton Roads sex crimes lawyer can advocate for the individual they may represent. If the evidence against the defendant is strong, they want their attorney to tell them that. They would not want an attorney who is going to try and tell them the best possible view of things when the reality does not match because that is just going to set the defendant up for failure.

Some examples of the different sex crimes someone could be charged with in Hampton Roads include:

  • Unwanted sexual contact or sexual battery
  • Sodomy
  • Rape
  • Sexual contact with a minor

Why Contacting a Sex Crimes Lawyer Can Be Beneficial

The beneficial part of the role of a Hampton Roads sex crimes lawyer is that they have handled this type of case before. These cases are very sensitive and can be very difficult. An experienced attorney is not going to see the allegations against the defendant and assume the worst. They will know how to prepare a defense for the accused person because they know what the Government needs to prove in order to gain a conviction.

Defining Impact of a Sex Crimes Attorney’s Presence

An attorney can guide them through the process and talk them through it so that they can try to get a desirable outcome. Without an attorney, a charged individual would be very afraid and confused, and the Government and police would be relentless in trying to obtain a confession for the crime. A capable attorney can help protect the individual’s rights through attempts to prevent behaviors such as:

  • Improper or unlawful searches
  • Statements without legal representation
  • Illegal collection of DNA evidence

Why Hiring an Attorney Early is Important

Trust is extremely important, especially in a sex crime case because sexual offenses are sensitive; they are personal, and they involve people talking about details of their life that they may not normally talk about. If the potential client does not trust a lawyer, this may inhibit them from being an advocate for the accused person.

In a sexual offense case, a lot of evidence is taken early. Police officers will try to get statements, DNA, and they may try to get fingerprints done. The sooner one can get an attorney that the better. The attorney can start looking at the evidence and secure their own DNA experts or some sort of analysis if necessary. It can be critical to better understand the role of a Hampton Roads sex crimes lawyer and how they may help your case.