Hampton Roads Solicitation Lawyer

Not only is it against the law to engage in prostitution in Hampton Roads, it is also illegal to solicit sexual favors or contact. If you are found guilty and convicted of solicitation, you could face the same criminal penalties as you would if you sustained a conviction for prostitution.

If you have been charged with solicitation in Hampton Roads, you should seek legal help from a skilled defense attorney right away. After speaking with you about your criminal charge, a Hampton Roads solicitation lawyer could immediately set to work on helping you build a strong legal defense that you could advance at trial.

How Does the Law Define Solicitation?

Solicitation under Virginia law means inducing, offering, urging, encouraging, advising, commanding, or requesting, as it pertains to certain behaviors that involve selling or buying sex or sexual favors. Solicitation is a misdemeanor offense in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Solicitation is also a very broad criminal offense. Consequently, if the prosecutor believes that the accused is advising or encouraging another individual to engage in some sexual behavior for hire, then the prosecutor could charge the accused accordingly. Offering sex for money or hiring a prostitute for someone else could also result in criminal solicitation charges.

Individuals facing a criminal solicitation charge should seek legal counsel from a Hampton Roads solicitation attorney as soon as possible. An attorney could examine the circumstances, determine if there is a legal basis for the charge, and set to work preparing a defense to advocate on the accused’s behalf while in court.

Potential Penalties for a Solicitation Conviction

Sex crimes in Virginia often come in groups. Consequently, an individual could face multiple criminal charges for the same actions that they take. Along with sustaining a criminal solicitation charge, the accused could also face a charge for prostitution, as well as for assignation – such as for letting someone into a building for purposes of prostitution.

It is no great secret that Hampton Roads treats solicitation offenses harshly. Misdemeanor sex offenses, including solicitation, can carry significant penalties upon conviction. A person who sustains a conviction for solicitation could incur the following:

  • One year of incarceration
  • A maximum monetary fine of $500
  • Some combination of both of the above

To receive a criminal penalty for solicitation in Hampton Roads, a judge or jury must first find the accused guilty and convict them of solicitation. Next, a sentencing judge must decide the penalty to be imposed in the case. The exact penalty which the judge sets depends upon several factors, including the circumstances which form the basis of the solicitation charge, as well as the accused’s prior criminal record of arrests and convictions.

A solicitation lawyer in Hampton Roads can be an invaluable help when it comes to sentencing hearings and potential penalties. A lawyer could represent the accused at a sentencing hearing and argue for a lighter penalty – or for a term of probation – on behalf of the accused.

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If you are facing a criminal solicitation charge or conviction, you have no time to lose in seeking out legal counsel to represent you in your case. A Hampton Roads solicitation lawyer could assist you with formulating a powerful legal defense to advance in court and could also advocate for your interests before a judge at a sentencing hearing.