Hampton Roads Stalking Lawyer

Stalking in Hampton Roads is when an individual willfully and repeatedly contacts another person in a way that places them or their household in fear of death, injury, assault, or sexual assault. If you have been charged with stalking, contact a Hampton Roads stalking lawyer. A qualified criminal attorney could help examine the charges that have been brought against you and could attempt to minimize these charges and defend your freedom.

Behaviors That Could Lead to Stalking Charges

Stalking can manifest in very different ways, and it is easy to misconstrue what could be considered stalking. Behavior that could lead to stalking charges including the following:

  • Following an individual
  • Showing up at an individual’s home
  • Sending repeated messages
  • Making repeated calls
  • Showing up unannounced
  • Making threats towards another person

These are some of the common stalking scenarios that Hampton Roads stalking lawyers have witnessed.

Proving Stalking

In order to prove a stalking offense, a lawyer would have to demonstrate that the defendant intentionally placed the accuser in fear of death, injury or assault. They also have to show that the defendant’s behavior was intentional and repetitive. However, stalking is not the easiest charge to prove. The Commonwealth would need to prove that the defendant knew that their actions were harmful and doing and continued their actions anyway.

Even if what occurred was a misunderstanding, a defendant could still be charged for stalking without the help of a defense attorney. In order to prove that a case is a misunderstanding, a Hampton Roads stalking lawyer would have to demonstrate that a defendant was not hostile in their approach and that they simply wanted to talk to a plaintiff, but their actions were misconstrued.

Minimizing or Dropping Stalking Charges

Criminal lawyers can offer a strong defense. A dedicated Hampton Roads stalking lawyer could help a defendant by arguing that while they may have been harassing an individual, they were not stalking them. They could do so by illustrating that the actions committed by a defendant were not intentional, and they did not place the accuser in a situation that would could them to fear injury, assault, or death. If this is proven, a case can be dismissed. If an attorney cannot get charges dismissed, they could still work to mitigate the penalties that an individual may face.

The Importance of Hampton Roads Criminal Attorneys

If you have been charged with stalking, you should consider speaking to an attorney. Stalking is a serious offense which can result in an individual having to serve time in jail. This is a conviction which would remain on your record and could affect other aspects in your life such as education, housing, and future job opportunities.

Having to face such charges alone can seem overwhelming, it is important that you work with a legal aid who could help take the burden off of your shoulders. Hampton lawyers put your current and future needs first. An experienced Hampton Roads stalking lawyer may be able to minimize the charges that have been made against you, make a plea deal, or even have the charges against you dismissed.