Building a Hampton Roads Stalking Defense

Hampton roads stalking charges can be severe in nature. Stalking can cause individuals to fear for their lives. Due to this reason, the prosecution generally takes an aggressive approach to prosecuting these cases. If you have been accused of stalking, it is important that you contact an experienced stalking lawyer. Defense attorneys have a lot of experience building a Hampton Roads stalking defense that is persuasive. Speak to a legal counsel to learn about your options.

Harassment Versus Stalking

Harassment is the repeated attempt to communicate with an individual to the point that the individual begins to feel distressed or irritated. Harassment can include calls, texts, damaging an individual’s property, and more. Stalking is repeated unwanted communication such as following, loitering, watching, spying, or threatening. Stalking often causes serious distress of fear.

Is it Possible to Be Charged with Both?

There are situations where building a Hampton Roads stalking defense includes having to address harassment charges. Circumstances in which a person might be charged for both harassment and stalking are if they constantly text, or call an individual, in addition to following them, loitering, and showing up at their home.

Evidence Used to Build a Case

One of the most important steps in building a Hampton Roads stalking defense is to collect evidence. A lawyer would want to collect witness statements, study the allegations, the plaintiff’s testimony, and delve into any other evidence that a plaintiff used to bring a case forward. In addition to this evidence, a lawyer could use the following defenses to prove the innocence of a defendant:

  • The defendant’s behavior was not repetitive
  • The defendant’s behavior was not intentional
  • The alleged victim lied
  • The alleged victim misidentified the offender

One of the most important elements that a defense attorney can prove is that an incident only took place once. This is because repetition often demonstrates intention. If a plaintiff’s lawyer can prove without a doubt that the defendant stalked the plaintiff more than once, it could be more difficult for a criminal attorney to defend a case.

Taking a Plea Deal

Plea deals can only be taken if it the opposing party offers one. Sometimes plea deals enable an individual to keep a charge off their record, or they can reduce the amount of time an individual has to spend in jail. In order to determine whether a plea deal is the right option, criminal attorneys will analyze a case, examine evidence, and determine the chances of a plaintiff winning a case. If an attorney feels like the plaintiff’s party may win a case, they will recommend that a defendant take a plea deal.

Contacting a Hampton Roads Stalking Attorney

If you have been accused of stalking it is important that you contact a lawyer immediately. Stalking charges can be very serious in nature and you need to work with someone who will begin building a Hampton Roads stalking defense that cannot be refuted. Call a lawyer today, you deserve to right to defend your freedom.