Hampton Roads Student Defense Lawyer

School administrators in Hampton Roads sometimes prejudge a student before they conduct a thorough investigation. Further, a local youth, who has been previously corrected by a classroom teacher, may suddenly become the scapegoat for more severe transgression. In other instances, a student might suffer guilt by association if their friends committed a wrongful act while they stood nearby.

If your child is experiencing legal problems because of an alleged event at school, you should probably confer with a knowledgeable defense attorney immediately. A capable Hampton Roads student defense lawyer may be able to assist with court dates or school disciplinary hearings.

Student Defense of Hazing Allegations

Per the laws of Hampton Roads, hazing is a classification that applies to intentionally or recklessly putting the health or safety of students at risk for the purpose of initiation. By the authority of the Code of Virginia §18.2-56, it is unlawful to haze another student at a college or university.

The administrators of a college, university or lower school in Hampton Roads may discipline students who are alleged to have been involved in a hazing incident. Further, the president of an institution of higher learning is mandated by statute to report hazing to law enforcement for a possible criminal indictment.

In Hampton Roads, hazing is classified as a Class 1 misdemeanor. As such, students who are determined to have participated in reckless or intentional hazing might subject themselves to both criminal and civil penalties. A diligent Hampton Roads student defense attorney may be able to defend a client persuasively so that they are excluded from the group that was charged with the misdemeanor.

Fights at Schools in Hampton Roads

The Hampton Roads school system, as well as the courts, view school or bus fights with contempt. As such, a student who engages in a trading of blows on a school bus, or on school grounds, could be criminally charged with assault and battery. Under the authority of the Code of Virginia §18.2-57, simple assault and battery is considered a Class 1 misdemeanor.

By statute, students who are alleged to have targeted another person on campus because of their national origin, religion, or race, religion could be sentenced to 30 days to six months in juvenile hall. However, high school students who have already turned 18 may be sentenced differently.

When a young person is accused of committing a racially-motivated assault and battery or a hate crime, an adept student defense attorney in Hampton Roads may rebut those assertions. Although initially, allegations may relate to a targeted fight, the Hampton Roads prosecutor may not be able to prove that it was related to race, creed, or national origin.

Speak with a Hampton Roads Student Defense Attorney Today

If your family is feeling distraught because a young member of the brood is being blamed for an adverse event at school, it might be wise to contact an attorney today. Having legal troubles after an alleged assault and battery or a hazing session at a local high school or university can feel both disheartening and frightening.

A skilled Hampton Roads student defense lawyer may be available to represent you in court or at a school disciplinary hearing. Call the law offices of a seasoned local counselor who may put your mind at ease.