Hampton Roads Carjacking Lawyer 

A Hampton Roads carjacking lawyer is here to help a person facing charges. Carjacking is a serious charge and if a person calls an attorney, they are going to want to know the person’s version of events and what happened. An attorney is going to want to get as much information as they can about the situation so that they can start preparing a defense and strategizing arguments for the person. If you are experiencing an issue with carjacking charges, contact a professional attorney immediately.

Carjacking Definition

A carjacking is the robbery of a car. It is where a person takes another person’s vehicle and they do so through violence by the threat of violence to the occupant. In carjacking, there is a person in a car and the person is taking them from the car and taking the car.

The most common carjacking scenario is a hold up in which a person puts a gun to someone’s face, tells them to get out of the car, and then takes the car.

Separate Charges in Carjacking

If a weapon is used, the person could be charged with the use of a firearm in a commission of a felony. Anything a person does after the carjacking could be considered a separate crime. If the person commits other offenses later, then those will be charged as well. There is the possibility of picking up additional charges.

Initial Steps by Hampton Roads Carjacking Attorney

A Hampton Roads carjacking lawyer meets with an individual and gets their version of events. An attorney conducts discovery and tries to see what the evidence is against the individual. They see what can be proven, the strength of the evidence, the way that the evidence is used against the individual, and see what the best course of action is.


A Hampton Roads carjacking lawyer will want to look at any statements that were made, any photographs, and any identification of the assailant by the other party. If there is surveillance footage, an attorney would want that as well. They look for anything relevant to the case that could possibly change the outcome.

Necessary Experts

Carjacking is not the type of case where expert witnesses are necessarily needed. Expert witnesses are needed if there is scientific evidence to be assessed. If there is the person’s DNA, if there is fingerprint evidence, then there may be expert witnesses there to explain that. Generally, carjacking is done with lay witnesses and police officers.

How a Hampton Roads Carjacking Lawyer Can Help

Carjacking offenses are serious charges and prosecutors will not want to reduce them. However, if the case has problems with the prosecution’s case and there are evidentiary issues, a defense attorney may be able to leverage that weakness into getting a better outcome.

A Hampton Roads carjacking lawyer is able to look and see what the evidence is and what the best way is to go about the case. These are serious charges that carry the possibility of lengthy amounts of jail time. The person wants an attorney who can meet with them and start assessing all of their options.