Hampton Roads Carjacking Penalties 

Carjacking is a felony, so it can result in significant jail time. It is something that would stick with the person forever, impacting all of their future endeavors. It can also elevate future charges if the person ever had any convictions later down the line. If you are facing significant penalties for a carjacking related incident, be sure to contact a professional attorney immediately.

Penalties of Carjacking in Hampton Roads

In Virginia, all carjacking charges are felonies. More than likely, a person would have a lengthy jail sentence. The person would also have a conviction for carjacking on their record. The harshest penalty for carjacking in Hampton Roads is life in prison. It is unusual to see somebody get a life sentence, however, under certain circumstances, either a judge or a jury could sentence the person to life in prison.

The more convictions a person has, the more trouble the person has been in, the less likely a judge or a prosecutor is likely to reduce a sentence. If a prosecutor looks at the person’s record and sees a history of crime or a history of violence, they might believe it is in the person’s character.

Defense Strategies

A professional carjacking lawyer looks at the evidence and what can be proven through physical evidence. Are there any fingerprints or DNA, statements, and identification of the assailant by the other party? For Hampton Roads carjacking penalties, prosecutors have to prove that there was a robbery of a vehicle and it was done by force or threat of force on the person who was driving or occupying the vehicle.

Carjacking, Auto Theft, and Joyriding

Carjacking, auto theft, and joyriding are all different offenses. In carjacking, the owner of the vehicle or the driver of the vehicle is operating the vehicle whereas with auto theft they are often stealing an unoccupied vehicle. If it is a carjacking, the person is actively taking somebody out of a vehicle while they were using it.

Joyriding does not necessarily use violence to get someone else’s vehicle. In joyriding, a person takes a vehicle but they may have borrowed it. The person has taken it without someone’s permission and they are operating it, but the person did not get the vehicle through the use of force. With carjacking and auto theft, the person is intending to permanently deprive the owner of that car. With joyriding, the person intends to return the car once the person is done using the car. They each come with their own penalties in Hampton Roads.

How a Hampton Roads Carjacking Attorney Can Help

Carjacking carries with it a penalty of 15 years to life in prison. It is a very serious charge. It is in the best interest for a person to contact a Hampton Roads carjacking attorney so they can attempt to reduce or mitigate charges. This is a charge that carries with it the possibility of life in prison. At the very least it is going to lead to significant jail sentences and it is not a common crime, it is a very serious crime. If the person does have these types of charges, the Commonwealth is likely going to be coming after the person and they need to be prepared to defend themselves.

This is a charge that carries the possibility of life in prison. At the very least, it leads to significant jail sentences. It is not a common crime, but it is a very serious crime. If the person does have these charges, the Commonwealth is likely going to try to severely punish the individual. Contact a professional attorney immediatley.