Hampton Roads Joyriding Lawyer 

Circumstances of miscommunication are common with joyriding cases in Hampton Roads. There is no specific Virginia joyriding statute. Joyriding is taking a stolen car and not having any sort of overriding goal. A Hampton Roads joyriding lawyer can assist individuals by clearing up a situation, mitigating charges, or dropping them. Call a professional attorney to take action today.

Proof of Joyriding by Prosecution

Assuming it is unauthorized use of a vehicle, the prosecution has to show that the person took a vehicle that did not belong to them, that they did not have permission to take the vehicle, and that the person may have intended to give it back. Prosecutors have to show that the person took a vehicle that belonged to another person and that they were using it for a purpose for which they did not have permission.

Examples of Joyriding Scenarios

An example of a joyriding scenario in Hampton Roads would involve a person at a relative’s house or a friend’s house where their parents left the car keys. They take the car out for a ride and they are just riding around. The person does not have permission to drive the car, so that can be considered joyriding and considered a crime. Talk to a Hampton Roads joyriding lawyer for more examples of scenarios.

Joyriding is treated as an unauthorized use of a vehicle, which is a larceny charge. It is considered a theft defense because a person took something that belonged to another person and used it without permission.

Failure to Return Leased Vehicle

Failing to return a leased vehicle is different. When a person’s vehicle is leased, they had permission to use that vehicle. At some point or for some reason that permission expired, but the person continued to use it. There was a contractual agreed upon period and they exceeded it. With unauthorized use, there was no permission to use that vehicle.

Role of Joyriding Lawyer in Hampton Roads

A lawyer can help a person by talking to them and getting all of the facts correct. This is important especially if it is a misunderstanding. A Hampton Roads joyriding lawyer can also talk to the prosecutor. They can look at the evidence, give the person an unbiased look as to what they are facing, and tell the person exactly what could happen, what they can prove, and what is the best way to handle the situation.

If a person is charged with joyriding, a person is charged with theft.  These can be considered felonies, either larceny or unauthorized use. A person should get a lawyer who could help them negotiate or defeat the charges, if possible. They can face serious consequences otherwise.

When an individual does not have a lawyer present, they do not know the rules of evidence and they do not know the proper criminal procedure. If they represent themselves in a case of this magnitude, they are going in without the information needed to have the best chance of succeeding. There are many benefits to a Hampton Roads joyriding lawyer. Call one today.