Hampton Roads Robbery Case Arraignments 

Robbery offenses are taken quite seriously in Virginia. Hampton Roads robbery case arraignments take place in court and usually if it is an arrest, it will take place in general district court. If it is on an indictment, the arraignment will take place in circuit court in front of a judge. The big difference with robbery is that you may be in custody at the time of the arraignment so you are definitely going to be in front of a judge and you are going to have to bring the defendant out of jail. A capable robbery attorney could pursue a positive outcome for you.

Factors in Robbery Arraignments

In Virginia, the things that judges look for when determining bond include whether the person has ties to the community or not, whether they are a flight risk, and whether they are a danger to the community or not. Other factors in Hampton Roads robbery case arraignments include how long have the defendant has lived in the area, whether they have any family in the area or not, their employment history, the kind of work they do, and their criminal record at the time.

They also will look at the facts of the case. With violent cases like strong-armed robberies, they are going to be less inclined to grant a bond because those are violent offenses and violent offenses tend to not get bond as commonly as non-violent offenses. They are also going to look at the person’s criminal record. If the person has a bad criminal record, judges are going to be less inclined to allow the person to leave on bond.

Flight Risks and Being a Danger to the Public

Flight risk is a term that refers to how likely an individual is to stay in town and await trial versus how likely they are to leave the state or the country. Some people only live in one place all their life, they are known there, they are known to the community and they are not going to leave. Other people, they are transient and there is a real possibility that they are going to be gone if allowed to leave. Being a danger to the public refers to the likelihood of committing another offense, especially a violent offense, how likely is someone to re-commit or re-offend.

Value of a Hampton Roads Robbery Attorney

Robbery is a violent offense so anytime somebody is charged with a violent offense, there is going to be a presumption against bail and the courts are going to have to be convinced that bond is appropriate.  A lawyer can be on your side from the beginning and work towards a positive outcome for you. Often, the sooner you are able to get in, you are going to try and see if they can get the person bonded out with bond conditions. A lot of times at Hampton Roads robbery case arraignments, depending on the jurisdiction, there may be some facts of the case that come out, your attorney could use these facts when building your defense. Speak with a skilled robbery lawyer that could advocate for you.