Hampton Roads Robbery Charges

There is only one robbery statute in Virginia. If an individual meets the statutory standard, larceny plus assault, then they will be charged with robbery. The indictment may be more specific and it may be more detailed as to what the individual did, but there is only that one code section, unlike other states that have multiple codes and differentiate between charges.

If you were confronted with Hampton Roads robbery charges, you should seek help from a qualified criminal defense attorney. A skilled lawyer understands the nature of these charges, and they could fight on your behalf both in and out of court.

How Robbery Charges Occur

Hampton Roads robbery charges usually result from a criminal complaint filed by the alleged victim. After they file a complaint, the police department and the police detectives will issue a warrant for robbery and they will arrest the person that they suspect of committing robbery.

Attempted Robbery and Conspiracy Charges

Attempted robbery and conspiracy are related to the regular robbery charge, but prosecutors must prove different elements to get a conviction. These charges also have lesser penalties than robbery.

Attempted robbery means that the person tried to commit robbery but was not able to fully carry out the offense. They were either stopped before they completed it or they abandoned the attempt but still made a significant effort to carry it out.

Conspiracy to commit robbery means that an individual and at least one other person had a plan to commit a robbery and took actions in furtherance of that plan. Whether or not they have completed the robbery is immaterial; what matters is that they had a plan and they put some effort into putting that plan into motion.

Indictments for Robbery Charges

An indictment is similar to an arrest warrant. When someone is charged with a crime, the indictment is the charging document used in circuit court. It will list the person’s name, their identifying information, the charge, and brief details about the charge, usually who the alleged victim was. If there was any sort of controversy, that will be listed. Some indictments are extremely specific. Some are very vague. They will sketch out just enough for a conviction.

Sometimes, people are indicted before being arrested, but this is rare for robbery cases in Hampton Roads. For violent charges, authorities usually prefer to arrest the individual as soon as possible. It is quicker to arrest than to go through the indictment process because indictments involve a grand jury which usually only meets one day per month.

What to do When Charged with Robbery

Courtroom files are a matter of public record. As long as a record has not been expunged, the public is able to access the charges. If there was a written criminal complaint, that is available also available. However, specific files or documents may not be available if they are within the commonwealth’s office. Due to the public nature of Hampton Roads robbery charges, it is important for individuals to contact a lawyer. If they are asked by the police to make a statement, they should refuse unless they have a lawyer present, because anything they say will be used against them. People often think they can talk themselves out of danger, but they end up talking themselves into trouble. An individual should have an attorney present during questioning.

How a Hampton Roads Robbery Attorney Can Defend You

Prosecutors will often list as many Hampton Roads robbery charges as possible because they understand that the more charges they can put on a person, the more likely it is that they will plead guilty to something. Although this strategy is intimidating, seasoned defense lawyers understand that the charges someone faces could be unjustified.

If you were accused of robbery, you could benefit from qualified legal representation. A defense attorney could stand by you during every step of the process from questioning to court.