Building a Hampton Roads Robbery Defense 

Building a Hampton Roads robbery defense requires a qualified legal counsel. An attorney looks at the evidence presented at trial and they see what the evidence says. Depending on where the case happened, there may be surveillance footage or surveillance videos or photographs. The case evidence may primarily consist of statements from the other party as well, in which case an attorney wants to see how the other party can identify the defendant. Did they know the defendant ahead of time, are they familiar with their face, have they seen them before, or is this the first time they have met? An attorney tries to establish any alibi possible to claim that the defendant could not have possibly committed the crime. Experienced Hampton Roads robbery lawyers are here to help you.

Evidence for Defense

Building a Hampton Roads robbery defense means finding an alibi. For example, perhaps the individual was in another jurisdiction or another city with somebody at the time and could not possibly have committed the crime. If the case requires fingerprint evidence or DNA evidence, an attorney sees if there is anything that gets those fingerprints matched to the individual. There is the possibility that there is no match or they match to somebody else. If there is any physical evidence, how can it be used to show that it was not the individual who committed the crime? These are questions an attorney asks when building a Hampton Roads robbery defense.

Hiring a Qualified Attorney

Any time a person is charged with a crime that carries the possibility of jail time, the person should consider a lawyer. Most people are not experienced in going to a courtroom. They do not know how cases are handled. They are not familiar with the procedure. There is always the possibility the person can go into court and make the situation worse. If the person has a lawyer, they are more likely to know how the system works and they will be able to guide the person through it to get them the best possible outcome.

Information Available to Attorney

The person should know the charges, what jurisdiction it is in, and their court dates. If the person has been arrested and they have been given a court date, the person should know that. If the person wants to present alibi evidence that they were in another area that day, the person would want to have names of people that an attorney can bring to court so they can have them testify to their location. Building a Hampton Roads robbery defense requires knowing all the elements of a case.

How a Hampton Roads Robbery Attorney Can Help

A local attorney will know the prosecutors. They have dealt with the judges in Hampton Roads and they are familiar with how each jurisdiction handles them. A person will want more localized advice, advice that an attorney from out of town is not going to know.  The person should contact a criminal lawyer as soon as the person has been charged or if they ever believe that they are going to be charged, so an attorney can start building a Hampton Roads robbery defense immediately.