Building a Hampton Roads Shoplifting Defense 

Building a Hampton Roads shoplifting defense requires the right resources. An attorney will talk to individuals and see what their version of events are in case they deny the charge or they admit that they were shoplifting. Then, an attorney looks at the evidence to see what the case against the individual looks like, how strong it is, and how much evidence the prosecution has. From there, an attorney decides whether it is a case that they can fight and contest and possibly win or if it is a case where they will try to work something out and to risk and go into trial. Consult with a professional Hampton Roads shoplifting attorney today.

Probation or Reduced Sentencing Options

Probation or reduced sentencing is part of building a Hampton Roads shoplifting defense sometimes. There are always possibilities to get charges reduced to a misdemeanor or stay out of jail. An attorney will try to persuade the prosecution that the shoplifting was an accident and it was not a frequent behavior. One possibility is to have the individual do community service or have the restitution ready so that they can make the other party whole. Oftentimes, for example, someone is charged with a felony and there may be an agreement that if restitution is paid within a certain date, it would be reduced to a misdemeanor.

Shoplifting vs. Other Theft-Related Offenses

Shoplifting is different than other theft-related offenses in that they have to settle that the item was for sale, that it was something that a person could not have by legal means.

Normally in other theft charges like a larceny charge, it involves something that belongs to another person that the accused had no legal right to. Whereas in shoplifting, had the accused been able to pay for it, they would have the right to that. One defense is showing that the situation involved an individual purchasing the item but was stopped before they had an opportunity to purchase it and was suspected of shoplifting but they had no intention to shoplifting. That is another way to go about building a Hampton Roads shoplifting defense.

Other Avenues of Defense

Shoplifting can open up a few more avenues of defense. However, a large store may have security cameras. Some of the larger stores have dedicated loss prevention officers who are trained to look for people they believe are shoplifting. There is more that the Commonwealth must prove, but the other parties in these cases tend to have more resources available to them.

Role of Attorney During Arraignment

There are seven different jurisdictions in Hampton Roads, and they all handle the arraignment process differently. Generally, an attorney will represent an individual and say that they would like to set a trial. In some cases, in circuit court, an attorney may make a plea for the person at that time. The biggest action an attorney takes during an arraignment is they keep the person from having to say anything. The lawyer is there to speak on behalf of the individual, which can be reassuring during the stressful situation.

How an Attorney Can Help

A Hampton Roads shoplifting attorney is trained, and they know what is going on in court. They can tell the person what is happening and give the person guidance. Also, they will have an idea as to what has to be proven, what the Commonwealth must show, and they can be vigilant in asking questions to try and get the best outcome for the person. Talk to a skilled lawyer for more on building a Hampton Roads shoplifting defense.