Hampton Roads Traffic Lawyer

The sound of sirens behind you when are driving through Hampton Roads can feel alarming when you believe you are about to get pulled over. Although some traffic tickets may be minor, other citations may come with severe penalties.

If you are cited for a serious driving offense, or you owe for unpaid tickets, you may face criminal charges and possible incarceration. Therefore, if you are in this situation, it may be prudent to hire a knowledgeable defense attorney right away.

An experienced Hampton Roads traffic lawyer may have some viable ideas for how to put your legal problems behind you. Skilled counsel may be able to argue persuasively in favor of a reduced penalty or acquittal.

Serious Traffic Infractions in Hampton Roads

The motor vehicle portion of the Code of Virginia provides several warnings about unsafe driving practices that may receive a citation. A seasoned Hampton Roads traffic attorney may be very familiar with these statutes.

Reckless or Improper Driving

As has been codified by §46.2-869 of the Code of Virginia, individuals who are able to be acquitted on a reckless driving charge could still be found guilty of improper driving. If the level of culpability appears to fit the definition of improper driving, rather than reckless driving, the Hampton Roads court may be within its discretion to hand down a decision and sentence for that offense.

In Hampton Roads, the penalty for improper driving is generally a fine of up to $500; whereas, the consequence for reckless driving may be greater. An individual in Hampton Roads, who is deemed to have been driving recklessly, may face charges ranging from a Class 1 misdemeanor to a Class 6 felony. A persuasive traffic lawyer in Hampton Roads may be able to convince a prosecutor to reduce the charges to improper driving.

Getting a DWI in While Driving Without a License

After someone loses their license for driving while intoxicated, their situation may worsen if they receive a subsequent DWI when they are not authorized to drive. Per the Code of Virginia §46.2-490.9, a motorist who operates a vehicle while impaired and without a valid license could receive a sentence of 12 months in jail. However, a capable traffic attorney in Hampton Roads may be able to argue successfully in favor of a lesser penalty or an acquittal.

Multiple Serious Traffic Violations for Commercial Drivers

After someone with a commercial license has multiple severe traffic citations in Hampton Roads, they might lose their ability to drive commercially. In Hampton Roads, serious traffic violations include driving recklessly, speeding at 15 or more miles over the speed limit, erratic lane changes, and using a mobile phone while operating a commercial vehicle.

The loss of a commercial drivers license may lead to job termination and a subsequent loss of income. Thus, it may be wise to contact a local attorney prior to the unfolding of these unfortunate events.

How a Hampton Roads Traffic Attorney Can Help

When you have multiple traffic tickets or have been charged with a serious driving infraction, you might feel both frightened and incredulous. When the charges against you are severe enough, you could lose your license, your livelihood, and your liberty.

If you are experiencing traffic court issues or criminal charges, you probably should not wait to speak with local counsel. A Hampton Roads traffic lawyer may be a beneficial aide during this adversarial process.