Police Radar Detection in Hampton Roads

Police radar detectors are devices that look for the presence of active radar waves being used and they alert a person to the presence of active radar units. Radar detectors are illegal to use in Virginia. If you have a radar detector in your car, it must be stowed away, usually either in the trunk or glove box, and unplugged. If it is out and unplugged, you could still be cited for having a radar detector. Consult with a credible attorney to learn more about police radar detection in Hampton Roads.

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid Regarding Police Radar Detectors in Hampton Roads

The biggest mistake to avoid regarding radar detectors is forgetting to put it away. A person may unplug it when driving, but that is not enough. A person can still be cited for using a radar detector even if it is not turned on. A person can turn the power off and disconnect the radar detector, but if it is displayed on a person’s dashboard or on a seat, and an officer pulls them over, they can still cite that person for having a radar detector. Simply unplugging it and disconnecting it does not satisfy the code section. It has to be put away so it cannot be readily used.

If a person is driving from a different state, they should unplug and stow that radar detector as soon as they enter Virginia. Otherwise, they could be cited for having a radar detector.

Things to Know About Radar detectors in Hampton Roads

People should know that radar detectors are illegal in Virginia. Officers know what radar detectors look like and their equipment can tell or detect the presence of radar detectors. If they believe a person is using a radar detector, they will pull a person over. They can easily recognize them, as they are fairly easy to spot when sitting on a person’s dashboard. For more information regarding police radar detection, get in touch with a lawyer today.

Are Radar Jammers Illegal in Virginia?

Radar jammers are illegal. Radar jammers are devices designed to make it tougher for an officer’s radar equipment to get an accurate reading on a person’s speed. The radar sends a radio wave on an object and then the time it takes to the wave to hit the object is how it is used to calculate a car’s speed. Jammers make it so that the radar is unable to calculate this. If caught with a radar jammer, a person could be handed a fine.

Benefits of Hiring a Hampton Roads Criminal Attorney

If you have been charged with illegally having a radar detector, an attorney may be able to work with you to construct a defense against these charges. An attorney could potentially try to prove that you were not trying to use the radar detector and that you forgot you had it out. In many cases, a lawyer can make that clear to the judge who may be willing to dismiss the charge, especially if you have a good driving record. If you have been charged with this offense, or wish to know more about the laws surround police radar detection in Hampton Roads, consult with an attorney today.