Hampton Roads Unlawful Wounding Lawyer

Unlawful wounding in Hampton Roads is when a person causes an injury to a person in the form of a wounding or a breaking of the skin that shows that they intended to disfigure, kill, or seriously injure. The penalty of unlawful wounding is a Class Six felony. This means that this offense is punishable by up to five years in prison. If a person does not have any past criminal history, it is possible that they may receive a suspended sentence. It is not a guarantee, but it is possible that a person could be granted probation if the offense is not considered quite as serious.

For more information on this offense, or if you require legal assistance, get in contact with a professional defense attorney. A Hampton Roads unlawful wounding lawyer can see to it that you are given the legal representation you deserve.

Elements Needed to be Proven in an Unlawful Wounding Case

The elements the prosecutor needs to prove in an unlawful wounding case is that there was an injury, that there was breaking of the skin or broken bones that classifies as a wound, and that it was done intentionally to cause harm, kill, or possibly disable the person. They do not have to show that a person was acting maliciously or had violence in their heart, but they have to show that there was an intentional act. In order to effectively prepare for the prosecution, get in contact with a Hampton Roads unlawful wounding lawyer today.

How do Unlawful Wounding Charges Typically Arise in Hampton Roads?

Unlawful wounding charges typically arise in Hampton Roads after someone is charged with malicious wounding. Unlawful wounding is a lesser offense of malicious wounding. This means that it has similar elements to malicious wounding, however, it is not as serious a charge. People are not charged initially with malicious unlawful wounding. When people are charged with malicious wounding it may be reduced down to unlawful wounding, either through a plea agreement or through trial.

Evidence Typically Used by the Prosecution

The evidence that prosecutors typically use to prove their case in Hampton Roads is similar to the evidence that they use on assault and malicious wounding case. They use witness statements, medical records, and photographs of the injuries to try and illustrate their point.┬áHampton Roads unlawful wounding lawyer can also use such evidence in order to properly build a strong defense and prepare for the prosecution’s argument.

Proving Intent

Prosecutors use this evidence to prove intent. If a weapon was used, they could use that to show intent. If there any statements that the defendant made, they could be used to show intent. They could use their actions after the fight started to show intent.

Contacting a Hampton Roads Unlawful Wounding Attorney

The first three things you should do when you are charged with this kind of assault is to contact a Hampton Roads unlawful wounding lawyer, try to gather any witnesses, and if injured, make sure to document their injuries. An attorney can help you gather any evidence or witness as well as document any injuries you have suffered. An attorney can represent you on your behalf meanwhile you are receiving from any physical or emotional trauma. Do not hesitate, reach out to an attorney today.