Hampton Traffic Lawyer

Traffic offenses throughout the state of Virginia are prosecuted vigorously by law enforcement officials, and Hampton is no exception. Although there are different tiers to traffic offenses, each tier still brings serious affects on a person’s life, with the most serious offenses leading to jail time. Below, a Hampton traffic lawyer discusses the differences between major and minor traffic offenses and how penalties for these offenses can impact a person’s life. To learn more consult with a Hampton criminal defense attorney today.

Severity of Traffic Offenses in Hampton, VA

Hampton, Virginia traffic offenses can be very serious and a lawyer with experience in Hampton can absolutely represent you in traffic cases and help you figure out what the best thing to do is for your particular situation.

If someone is facing serious traffic charges in Hampton they should be very sure of exactly what it is they are up against. It is important to know the nature of the charge. They need to know whether it is an infraction, a misdemeanor or a felony, and what the immediate and long term consequences of a conviction would mean for them. These consequences are important to be aware of, not only in terms of the legal penalties but their own personal penalties, such as in a job. The best way to make sure that all of the best and important things in your life are taken care of is by hiring a traffic attorney in Hampton to help you prepare.

Major and Minor Offenses in Hampton

In Hampton, an example of a minor traffic offense is running a stop sign or driving with one headlight out, and an example of a major traffic offense is driving on a suspended license or driving under the influence.

Differences Between Infractions/Misdemeanors/Felonies

The difference between infractions, misdemeanors and felony traffic offenses is in the level of seriousness of the offense. Infractions are not punishable by jail time and they are not criminal charges, so this means that a conviction will only appear on the person’s driving record. Over time convictions on a driving record will disappear completely. Infractions can also be punished by a fine. A misdemeanor or a felony traffic offense is a type of criminal charge, with a misdemeanor being less serious than a felony. They are both punishable by hefty fines. Misdemeanors are punishable by jail time, and felonies are punishable by prison time. These criminal convictions will affect somebody’s driving record, but in addition, a conviction will also go towards their criminal record which does not disappear over time.

How Penalties Can Affect Your Life

It depends on the seriousness of the charge but an infraction can cause you immediately to suffer a fine and points on your driving record. An accumulation of too many can lead to a driver’s license suspension; this costs you your driving privileges.

If you get into the criminal realm, then you start getting more serious penalties such as jail time or prison time, which can ruin you your freedom as well as your driving privileges. In the long term, if you ever apply for a job that has a background check or any other kind of position with background check requirement, the conviction is going to appear on your record and can sometimes cause you to lose opportunities, such as obtaining housing or student loans or the job of your dreams.

Role of Attorney in Hampton Traffic Cases

A Hampton traffic attorney’s role in a serious traffic case is to help you figure out what needs to be done in order for you to get the best possible outcomes in the situation. This is done by the attorney properly introducing evidence at your trial and by providing strong cross examination of the opposing side to potentially work towards getting your charges dismissed or reduced. The attorney can help you understand what you are facing and can present to you all of your different options so that you make the best decision possible for your own particular circumstances.