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Child endangerment or risk of injury to a minor is generally defined as causing injury, harm or death to a minor. Even if you did not cause physical harm to a child, you may still be held liable in court. You should not fight the charges alone. A tenacious Newport News child endangerment lawyer could help you fight the charges. Having a knowledgeable domestic violence attorney at your side could be the best chance of avoiding the consequences of a conviction.

Defining Risk of Injury to a Minor

Risk of injury to a minor include actions a person has taken or actions they did not take that ultimately put the child at risk of injury. In other words, it could be through actively presenting harm to the child or through failing to reasonably anticipate serious risks and take measures to prevent them. A person may see risk of injury to a minor charged as neglect, child neglect, child endangerment, or contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The statute protecting the morals and general health of a minor in Newport News generally falls under the contributing to the delinquency of a minor statute. If a person does something that could affect the morals of a child, then a person is rendering them delinquent.

An example of when a risk of injury claim may be alleged is if a person left a child alone in a kitchen with a stove that was turned on. Even though the person did not put the child’s hand on the stove, it can be alleged that they put the child in danger by putting them in a room in which it was very easy to hurt themselves. Another example is when people are driving intoxicated or driving with an extremely high rate of speed, and they have a child in the car. Some jurisdictions will then charge a person with child endangerment because they were operating a vehicle in such a manner that they put their child’s life at risk.

What Happens After a Child Endangerment Arrest in Newport News

After an arrest for child endangerment in Virginia, a person will be taken to the police station and given the charges, processed, and taken for a bond. It is likely that a protective order will be put in place, depending on the circumstances. The children may be removed from the person’s care, or they could not be allowed to be with the child unsupervised while the case is going on. These measures are put into place to ensure that no further harm comes to the child.

If a person is facing a risk of injury to a minor charge, that could be a misdemeanor or a felony. These are serious charges, and often the circumstances surrounding them are embarrassing and harmful. An experienced attorney could help a person get through this and organize their defense in such a way that it gives them the best chance of avoiding a conviction.

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A risk of injury to a minor lawyer could gather and organize the evidence, and they sit down with the client to see if there is exculpatory evidence that they could use as a defense. They try to get to the client through the case with the best possible outcome, including avoiding a conviction. You should not try to fight the charges alone. A skilled attorney could help you avoid the consequences of a conviction.

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