Defending Domestic Violence Charges in Newport News

Domestic violence is commonly regarded as a severe offense. In many cases, emotions and feelings can cause confusion and frustration following an arrest for a domestic violence dispute. It is important to begin defending domestic violence charges in Newport News as soon as possible. Legal penalties upon conviction may be significant and could impact a person’s ability to find employment. Someone who is charged with domestic violence should contact an experienced domestic violence lawyer immediately to start investigating potential legal solutions.

Potential Legal Consequences

When a person is convicted of a domestic violence charge, they may face a significant period of incarceration and costly fines. Additionally, they may lose the ability to work in certain professions and be forced to enroll in anger management counseling. A judge may also issue restraining or protective orders. These may already be in place prior to the conviction but could stay in place following a person’s eventual release from jail. As a result of these orders, a person may be forced to refrain from residing in the same home as the complainant and may have parental or visitation rights severely limited. In some cases, parental rights may be terminated following a domestic violence conviction. However, each case is different and an attorney familiar with defending domestic violence charges in Newport News could advocate on an accused person’s behalf.

A domestic violence conviction may also lead to an inability to find gainful employment. Employers frequently exclude individuals with criminal records when reviewing applicants. Firearm ownership is generally terminated as well. A person with a domestic violence conviction could risk significant legal penalties if found in possession of a gun.

Building a Defense

When building a defense for a domestic violence charge, a person should review all evidence relating to the case. These types of evidence may include video footage, photographs, and¬†witness statements. In some cases, a witness statement may be inconsistent with video footage from security cameras. Such an inconsistency may substantially improve the outcome of a person’s case.

Furthermore, a person should strongly try to comply with any court orders. Non-compliance could severely and negatively impact the outcome of a person’s case. Violating protective orders or restraining orders could result in additional charges and legal penalties in conjunction with those associated with the initial domestic violence charges. Defending domestic violence charges in Newport News can be extremely frustrating especially if a person attempts to do so alone. A lawyer could review the factors surrounding the alleged incident and work to identify effective legal solutions.

Fighting a Domestic Violence Charge with an Attorney in Newport News

Domestic violence is generally charged as a misdemeanor offense. However, a conviction for such an offense is not insignificant. A person may still incur jail time and a public criminal record. Someone facing domestic violence charges should contact a knowledgeable attorney who is familiar with defending domestic violence charges in Newport News. If you were accused of committing such an act, call a qualified attorney to get started on building a credible defense today.