Evidence in Newport News Domestic Violence Cases

It is important to understand how evidence in Newport News domestic violence cases can be influential. A person who is charged with a domestic violence offense may want to consider retaining skilled legal counsel. They could examine the evidence collected by law enforcement and potentially work to identify other evidence that may corroborate the defendant’s side of the story. Call and schedule an appointment with a dedicated domestic violence lawyer to start building a credible defense.

Types of Evidence

There are several types of evidence in Newport News domestic violence cases. Testimony is a common form of evidence. A complainant or a witness may be called to the stand to give their first-hand account of the alleged incident. While a complainant may allege the defendant committed an illegal act, an eyewitness could potentially have information which may ultimately dispute the claim. Additionally, there may be security cameras surrounding the area where the alleged incident occurred. An attorney could request copies of any video footage or photographs that may have captured the alleged altercation to help determine the validity of the prosecution’s claims.

Witness Credibility

In some cases, a witness may prove to be unreliable. For example, if a witness did not actually see the events unfold or only heard what allegedly happened from another individual, they may be disqualified from testifying. An experienced defense attorney could object and potentially argue that the witness’ testimony is hearsay.

Potential Impact of Evidence on a Case

While evidence can have a strong impact on a person’s case, it is not always admissible in court. In some cases, law enforcement may have obtained the evidence illegally or allowed the evidence to be contaminated. Under such circumstances, a lawyer could argue against the admission and attempt to get the evidence excluded or suppressed. Furthermore, illegally obtained evidence may demonstrate a violation of an accused person’s rights. This is not a small matter as it could severely damage a person’s case.¬†However, a skilled lawyer who understands domestic violence cases could work to hold law enforcement accountable.

Defenses in a Domestic Violence Case

Despite the prosecution’s allegations, a person may have been acting in self-defense or in the defense of another individual. An accused person could work with their attorney to demonstrate that their actions were solely based in self-defense and that another individual was the real aggressor.

Consult a Newport News Attorney About Evidence in Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence charges should be taken seriously. A person facing such charges should immediately seek the legal counsel of a seasoned domestic violence attorney. Legal consequences for a conviction may lead to incarceration and expensive fines. Furthermore, a criminal record could exclude a person from future career opportunities or negatively impact their parental rights.

To better inform their defense strategy, a person may want to consult an attorney about how evidence in Newport News domestic violence cases may impact their situation. Call and schedule an appointment to start discussing potential legal solutions that may be effective for your case.