Newport News Domestic Violence Investigations

Newport News domestic violence investigations can be intimidating for suspects. If law enforcement has accused you of domestic violence, you may be unsure where to turn or how to defend yourself. Thankfully, an experienced defense attorney could help.

A criminal lawyer could sit down with you and listen to your side of the story. After a careful analysis of the facts, an attorney could provide advice, negotiate with authorities on your behalf, or even argue your case in court, if necessary. For quality legal services, call today.

Common Characteristics of Domestic Violence Investigations

In a domestic violence situation, police officers usually arrive after the alleged incident has already occurred. Because they did not see what happened, they are reliant solely on what other people tell them. Often there is no physical evidence like there is in other crimes, which can make officers’ jobs more difficult. They have to lean heavily on what people tell them happened.

Police officers will often meet with the victim and the defendant to try to get statements from them. They will also take photos and try to acquire photographs or a video of the incident, if this evidence exists.

Police officers determine the primary aggressor by witness statements and through their own observations. They will try to figure out who started what and then will make a decision based on what they believe the evidence says.

Defendant’s Rights During an Investigation

A person has their constitutional rights during an investigation, meaning:

  • They cannot be compelled to make statements
  • They cannot be compelled to provide evidence without a warrant
  • They cannot be held for an indeterminate period of time without charges being filed

A person’s rights during a domestic violence investigation are the same as with other crimes. The constitution gives a person certain rights, and they are entitled to them.

The best way for an accused person to assert their rights and prevent the situation from getting worse is to contact a lawyer. An attorney could stand by their side during any police questioning and protect their interests. If police did not follow proper procedure during a search or arrest, an attorney could hold them accountable.

Consult with a Domestic Violence Attorney

When there is a domestic violence call, people often feel like they are at a disadvantage. Once the police officer starts talking to them, they worry they are going to be charged, the police will not believe them, and there is nothing they can do to talk the police officer out of it. This is not always true, and even if someone has been arrested, there may still be hope for a positive resolution to the case.

Anyone accused of domestic violence should consider hiring an experienced lawyer as soon as they can. Without representation, people often talk themselves into more trouble during police questioning. However, skilled lawyers can often help a person avoid the worst possible outcome. With an attorney by their side, individuals can feel confident that their rights and interests are protected.